A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Objectives ~ Pryaska Goorhoo

Objectives through the eyes of a human.

photo credit: Pacific Sunrise via photopin (license)

The day has come.
The sun seeps up from behind the dark curtain of the sky.
The deep realisation of despair.
Your future…one chance…to do everything now.
The viscosity of your feelings overflow with extreme steadiness.
You manifest the challenge which lies before you.
You are like a spontaneous combustion - fuelled, fired and futuristic.
You succeed!
The overpowering feeling of triumph washes over you
Like a tidal wave burying the coasts of a continent.

Once all that has been said,
And once all that has been done,
There starts to play a melancholy melody in your conscious mind
To emphasize the displacement of the purpose of the day, but
With assurance of the next dawn, it obviously will bring with it
a new challenge and desire,
Just like the tides will bring in the wreckages of the tsunami.

©  Pryaska Goorhoo

Grade 10

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