A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I am a Lost Soul ~ Matthew Opperman

I am a lost soul
It's an Autumn day
On a cold and wet
I am lost
I can't help, but to stare into my love's eyes
Sadly they fail to meet mine,
They seem to penetrate right through me
I am a lost soul
I am an empty cage

I've opened up the gates to my heart
Which was once protected
By the reinforced bars beneath my chest
Only true love was to enter,
But she knew how to shape shift.
I have no need of protection
As it was already to late, I was vulnerable
I am a lost soul
I am an empty cage.

We are all on the search for love
But not me, I've felt the pain it has caused.
I have the scars to prove it
It's a pity no one notices, they are all ignorant
But I shall keep my scar hidden,
Far from civilization and from those
Who judge as it has suffered enough
I am a lost soul
I am an empty cage.

I have myself and my thoughts  to keep me company
I think of where I could have gone wrong,
I'm going insane but I will be shielded
By what's left of my rusted cage
Even though it's duty to protect is now relieved
For the treasure has already been stolen
I am a lost soul
I am an empty cage

And a lost sole is soon forgotten
And an empty cage has lost its value and is too soon discarded.

©  Matthew Opperman

Grade 9

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