A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beautiful Creatures ~ Malwazi Moholi

Beautiful creatures
Roaming the earth
Some blue eyed
Some green eyed
Mine is brown eyed
My muse
My reason for writing

Although It may hurt me
I still obsess.
It carries me above the clouds
Knows my most deepest thoughts
It can fly.

My beautiful creature has
Brown, curled hair,
Broad shoulders.
My beautiful creature
Loves although hides,

my Beautiful Creature
Is not Mine.
He Let me Go.
He let me fall to my death
Onto the cracked Earth,

In order to Catch another...

©  Malwazi Moholi

Grade 11

Untitled ~ Siyabinga Dlamini

The distance divides our souls but not hearts..
Hard doubts cloud my judgement and focus..
Only you can save me...

© Siyabonga Dlamini

Matriculant 2016

Take Care & You Killed Me ~ Malwazi Moholi

Take Care

Where there's love there's hatred
I love you
I hate you
I'm staying
I'm leaving

I'm really leaving
But you're holding on to me
Like a special but

* * *

You Killed Me

You're going to regret it,
Catching me

Catching a lost soul
Trying to find love.
The weakest of all prey
But the biggest of all the hearts.

My soul was black
With blotches of white
To come out.

Caught the wrong prey,
You slaughtered the
Wrong Spirit!

Its okay.

My soul will live on
Remember me...

My spirit will haunt you
You tortured me...

Left me for dead
Left me to feed ungrateful mouths.

It wasn't my time yet,
I wanted to love,
Give my heart to someone
Who Loved Me!


You took that from me
You crushed my heart
And gave it to your
Most selfish desires
Someone who hated me!
Throwing my hopes and dreams aside.

Oh my, you're going to regret it!
Catching me,
A lost soul
A soul that will bring you to prey,

© Malwazi Moholi

Grade 11

I Want to Write a Poem ~ Naadir Vorajee

Oh, how can I have none to scribe!

The world has light, it's wings to see...
It's beauty begs at you and me,
It's sun shine bright across the sky
And still, I have none to tie!

The seas are vast, big and blue
and have many a man's stories threw.
The forests are emerald, life it bares
But still my face, blankly stares...

People are here, black and white.
Day in and out, it's a fight.
They're right, they're wrong, they're around
and still, i have no words to sound!

Love exists, it's red and deep
It's passion can from deep within seep,
It's claws are strong, they pull and scratch
But still, no word from my mouth, will hatch!

Oh, why can I not come to scribe
that word that I once used to bribe:
That flawless damsel I once knew.
That loving mother that always saw through.
The English teacher and her pen
The strict father and the cold war men...

Perhaps, my mind has been sold
To the one and zero that maths hold...
To logic and rule, of textbook note
To ideas that mere, a lonely man wrote!

© Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Silent Skies ~ Uwais Coetzee

Inside me is a world
No person has ever seen
I'm its sole resident
No one else has ever been.
The world inside is living
Or at least it was,
The world outside is killing it
Like a bee losing its buzz.
My inner world used to shine
Now it's simply dull
Dying because of others
Like cattle being prepared for a cull.
The darkness is taking over
Bursting through the sky
Like a haze of misty nothingness
That no bird would even fly.
The world is being enveloped
By the darkness's deadly cries
Soon not much will be left,
Nothing but Silent Skies.

© Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

I Wonder ~ Uwais Coetzee

I live each day wondering
How I feel and why
A brewed pot of emotions
Should I laugh or cry ?
I'm happy to an onlooker
No problems at first glance
I keep all things locked inside
Will I tell ? Not a chance
I live each day in wonder
Contemplating life
Wondering "What's the point ?"
"Hey there's a knife"
I could end it all
In the blink of an eye
But I truly wonder
What will happen after I die ?
At my funeral
Will people cry ?
Will I be missed ?
When in the ground I'll lie
Lying whole in the ground
Are the pieces of me
I couldn't handle life
So I took it away, you see.

© Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

Goodbyes ~ Uwais Coetzee

We lived in different worlds
Lived in different bounds
We met by coincidence
From our different backgrounds

We knew different sounds
Difference views and sights
You were from the outside
But I knew city lights

We longed to explore the night
To count a million stars
And if it were a cloudy night
Replace them with moving cars

We wanted  long walks upon the hot tar
For someone , something
To return the love we would give so easily
Just for our hearts to sing

We needed life to bring
Bring us each other
We longed for the love
That we could give one another.

Then , that one summer
Life brought me you
I saw those eyes and fell for
That deep ocean blue

I thought it was true
But it was instead brief
Like winter upon the
Falling of a leaf

The time had come
For the love tree to die
And now here we stand
Saying our final goodbyes.

© Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11