A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 1 August 2016

Do You Know? ~ Nash Aniruth

Do you know that he would cry for you?
Do you know that he would weep?
Perhaps you think that men don't cry.
Perhaps you're half asleep.

Do you know that he would die for you?
Wear his heart upon his sleeve.
Do you know he'd never lie to you?
Protect your heart from thieves.

And when your soul was sickly.
He'd never let you go.
The others left so quickly.
Trust him... he would know.

He'd never ever give you up.
You were the apple of his eye.
Perhaps he wasn't made for you.
The least he did was try.

So now you're out there in the dark.
He'd love to shed some light.
But you're the one who stays up partying.
Late into the night.

The music fills the air
The liquor kills his pain.
The mirage of light comes shimmering through
As the chemicals intoxicate his brain.

So now his mood is changing.
He goes out partying too.
He lies to other women and tells them...
That he never truly loved

©  Nash Aniruth

Grade 12

What Does Life Mean To You? ~ Lindokuhle Mbatha

People always say you
Only live once but i
wonder if they use that
1 opportunity to make it
a life to remember and
for people to see you as
Their role model, life
is hard but it is awesome
Sometimes, if u know how
to live it, wat does your life
mean to you, do you know
what life means, i also don't know what it means but i sure
do live it in a very good way,

©  Lindokuhle Mbatha 

Grade 8