A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Cheron L'Estrange ~ You See

You see,
your voice
rolls around in my head
day after day
between all the flirting
and smiling
between the dressing-up
and breaking down

I still can’t
accept that you’re not around
Putting on make-up
and punching the wall

Did you mean what you said?
any of it at all?
A million kisses couldn’t keep you
A million squats can’t bring you back
They say I’m pretty
…but pretty doesn’t fix it

© Cheron L’Estrange


Yuktha Singh ~ Let's Reach the Heights of Craziness

The illness of Honesty,
Leave it and come, run and come
My heart is warmly inviting you…
Let’s party all night.
Reach the heights of
Craziness for a change,
Throw your hands up into the air
And let the lights be dim.

I am a little spoilt
You too become a little spoilt.
I’ll take a step forward,
You too take a step forward.
Throw your hands up
Into the air,
Let yourself free for once-
Free from the wrath of sophistication.
Let the intentions be a little
Wild and crazy for
 A moment.

The atmosphere seems intoxicated,
Almost like alcohol.
All this intoxication that is spreading-
Let’s drink it up…
These intoxicating moments
Are making me excited
Let’s get crazy!

We’re in the age of Prime Youth,
Make some mischief.
In this age-
In the journey of the Heart,
What’s wrong and what’s right?
Let’s reach the heights
Of craziness for a change.
Throw your hands up into the air
And ‘Create’ till your heart’s desire-
Let the lights be dim…!

© Yuktha Singh


Meleza Jali ~ Will You Wait

Every day I sit and wonder
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
I think about the unspoken words
Feelings not expressed

I ask for courage
To accept the things I can’t change
I ask for wisdom
To change the things I can

Every day I sit and wonder
Are you happy?
Are you proud?

Even though it is one day
Further since the last time I saw you
It is one day closer
To the next time I will

But now I know
You are there, you can hear me
You are happy, you are proud
Wait for me, as I wait for you
Now and forever

© Meleza Jali


Yuktha Singh ~ Life

Sitting in a stifling, gloomy room
All by my very own.
It’s like I’m trapped in a cage
With extremely little space.
The person who left me here, is gone without a trace.
I seem to be losing my mind,
Going crazy…
As I still can’t find
What I’m looking for.
I see a ray of light,
Hoping to find success and freedom
But there You are in the doorway
Laughing and mocking me,
I’m trying to find a way out,
But something of immense strength is pulling me back.
I hope I find my way, find the right track.

© Yuktha Singh


Cheron L'Estrange ~ Without You

So trashed
I can’t remember how to cry
but I’m talking to the walls about you
I won’t talk to you
I can’t make any sense
And what’s the point?
I was supposed to forget you
but you’re all I remember
All I think about
when I  can’t remember how to think
This trip is taking me to hell
Well, guess I died when I lost you
Now I die every day
And you’re the only drug I wanna do
Shaking, hot and cold
My body aches
And if this high had made me bold
I’d say I can’t live without you
I’d say I don’t want to

© Cheron L’Estrange