Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5 Micro Poems ~ Verusha Pillay

Time Stops

He stood, still at the corner shop
For what?
For who?
He stood longing...
For what?
For who?
He stood wanting the time lost

Curtain of Fire

It burst!
Burst into a thousand molten stars
They lit the skies in sunset hues
Spewing, sulphurous, soot
Upon an unknowing world

The Predator

Into the black depths
Of your predator's eyes
See as hunger overtakes
Watch as the scarlet letter of death
Falls, because you are hunted

At Death's Door

His darkened silhouette cast shadow
On my dying life
His sharpened scythe reflected the bleakness
Of my eyes
His voice shouted the call of
Oblivion's abyss

Island Universe

Its circular bound-
Encompasses the stars and moons
Its platinum arms wrap the galaxy into one
It's the grey mists that draw us in
It's the pivot of destiny

©  Verusha Pillay

Grade 10