A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 3 July 2017

Gripes ~ Gugu Buthelezi

Taking a look at my life
Unfairness is the only thing I see.
Full of being spurned and strife
I should just have a cup of tea.
The way mistakes are treated
Makes me consider changing my behaviour.
But I should suffer in silence
If I am to be our nation's savior.
Shout out to all those that put my
Heart in a cast
Because on this hit list not only are you next,
you're last.

©  Gugu Buthelezi

Grade 12

Beautiful World ~ Nash Aniruth

The sound of the hills
Awakens the city below
The ambient cry of an infant
Marking the rebirth of a new day
New beginnings
New hope
New rays radiate through the
Bringing with them an aura of
Positivity and life
Which engulfs the city as it lays...
Like a staircase into heaven...
Ascending to the highest points of no return, blocking out the sunshine.
They stand above it all...
Extending their gaze upon the beauty of creation as
The millipedes crawl over the streets below
Their bodies glistening silver in the sun.
Doves taking flight overhead
Leave with them a trail of joy in the atmosphere.
Oh, isn't it beautiful?
The children, inhaling the vapours of this world into their lungs.
The beggar at the traffic light, now absent of dignity.
The man on the street, grey as a cadaver.
Yet they stand above it all...
Taking in the carcinogens to feel numb...
Oh, what a beautiful world it is.

© Nash Aniruth

Matriculant 2016