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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

When I am Gone & Other Poems ~ Verusha Pillay

When I’m Gone

When I die,
Why would you remember me?
Because my tongue was a knot of ties,
Because my perfection was purely imperfection,
Because my precise, poise was nothing but a fading phantom.
Or because you looked through the muddy, shine of my eyes and saw me,
Because… you heard the roar in the stillness of the forest,
Because you knew the wisdoms behind the gurgles,
Because you truly knew me.
Why would you remember me?
Because I was worth it…


Springs Breath

The pureness seeps in-
The wondrous, whiteness of wilt is withdrawn.
The crystals demise-
Through the green-blue blooms,
On the suns field of joyousness.



She hugs me,
Wrapping me in her misty arms,
And I look into her cerulean eyes.
As swirling, clouds of bliss pass through,
I see the torment and turmoil that turns them grey,
The reddish-pink of disappearing memories,
To turn to the darkness of night.
Your forceful nature becomes me,
For you are constant.

©  Verusha Pillay

Grade 10


  1. Each of these is very beautiful, each with its own special message. Very lovely work.

  2. p.s. I especially loved "because I am worth it."


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