A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Thoughts on Suicide ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

There was a time when I had had enough
There was a time when it was a bit rough
There was a place where I made a small salty puddle
There was a place where I hid my trouble
There was a day when I had my head down
There was a day when I didn't smile, when I didn't frown
There was a night where I sat in the darkness
There was a night where the stars were not seen
There was a person whom I'd miss when the time had come
There is a memory I have that can never be undone.

I saw the rope in my head
I saw the knife in my bed
I thought of all the ways to stop my heart
Spill my blood
Break my neck, spine,
And anything else that is tied to my life.

There was a moment when time slowed down
I imagined the gun in my hand
The gun near my head
the barrel on my skull and trigger pulled back.

I imagined death, my death
I saw myself fall with my eyes closed
Very slowly, with a hard thump
The pool of red grew
I looked at my lifeless body: no pulse, no breath, nothing...

I came back and saw my surroundings: the green, the blue, the yellow
And the colourful land in front of me was rich with life.
I thought of the funeral: who will attend and who will not?
Who will put effort into making salty water because of heavy emotion?
Who will be there when I go down?
Who will shovel sand on my new home?
Who will decorate my new patch with bright colourful flowers?
Who will miss me?
So suicidal...

© Nkazimulo Mvemve

Grade 11

Our Tales - Luyanda Mbatha

We have entered the night to tell our tales
             Dressed all in black,
Only our eyes and teeth could be seen
             Armed with ideas in mind
Darkness was our only hope to find a solution.
So, burning of tyres brought light
            And vision to our destiny.

We had been silent for a very long time,
            They had forgotten all about us.
It was because our dilemma had been ignored.
We had to remind them, that we are
            Still hungry for free basic education.
The generation of our grandparents
            Fought for our rights.
Blood was spilled, for us to have
            A bright future but yet they still act
            Irresponsibly towards us.

The burning desire of reaching our destiny
            Has chased away fear
But we know that we would not cross
The night without the company of the police.

After hearing sirens, we ran for our lives.
           Gunshots followed with rubber bullets
Grenades had already been thrown at us.
           As the youth, the majority had entered the night
To tell their tale, but only the minority remained
           To tell our tale.

©  Luyanda Mbatha

Grade 11

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Tale of the Disillusioned Nation ~ Sphelele Majola

We have entered the night to tell our tale
The tale of a disillusioned nation:
the cellphone orientated,
SWAG-obsessed generation.

The ones who hide behind status updates
and the most recent trends,
in an attempt to feel important,
to feel loved and appreciated.

But, this kind of attention is temporary and fake.
Sure, it gives momentary satisfaction
and, somehow, happiness. It also has
a lifespan that is outlived by a fruit fly.

They go through all of this, just to have
disappointment, pain and depression
as the fruits of their labour,
and barely achieving anything.

Yet through it all they still persist,
work harder to make their mark.
Whether it's for the right reasons
or the wrong ones.

At the end of it all, what really matters
is not the reason behind their pursuit
but the fierce determination to keep on pushing
regardless of their circumstances.

Their 'never-give-up' attitude
is a trait that most have all but lost
to slow progress and
difficulties on their journeys.

This tale shines a light
on those who keep fighting against all odds,
never giving up,
with a greater and more worthy purpose in mind.

This is for our modern day gladiators
whose past is mightier than the sword.

© Sphelele Majola

Grade 11

We Have Entered the Night ~ Philisiwe Mavundla

Of how thankful we are to our descendants
that they have carved our path
changed our future
and rearranged our stars.

But you have taken that away from me
told the past as my story
and refused me the right to be

We are a new chapter
although still separated by stereotypes.
Stereotypical you.
Stereotypical me.
That is not who we want to be.

We want to be engines which
drive our world to a new beginning.
This is the big responsibility
and I tell you
we fear failure.

© Philisiwe Mavundla

Grade 11

Generations ~ Kyle Don-Wauchope

We have entered the night to tell our tale
to hear the chanting rise of dawn,
and as our icy breath warms the air
we, shall watch the caterpillar hatch out its box.

We have entered the night to whisper our stories
to nourish the ground with our blood.
Then, as the tree grows taller and the roots dig deeper,
our bones will once again merge with the land
to create a foundation of choice.

We have entered the night to sing our call
to cry our banding howl for the moon.
Then, before our stars begin to dim - we march -
in the dark,
in the shadow,
in silence.

We have entered the night to tell our tale.
We, have left yesterday

© Kyle Don-Wauchope


Grade 11

We have entered the night to tell our tale ~ Ayanda Sithole

Where betrayal is breaking just another nail
A generation that has fallen into a completely new lane
Where cans and bottles can suddenly heal pain

People wearing different masks each day to fit the mood
Where the only beauty is really nude
Love overpowered by lust
And fitting in is a must

Where one's misery
Is another's victory
Where one's open doors of happiness
Are shut closed with giant locks of bitterness

Maybe this was not such a good tale after all

© Ayanda Sithole

Grade 11

We Have Entered the Night ~ Viyanka Moodley

We navigate our lives
Desperately searching for unknown territory

Meandering lanes of treachery and deceit
Where wealth is prioritized and righteousness, the enemy
Health is secondary to life's pitiful pleasures

As uncertainty develops
Man's existence
We look, we wonder

We hope, we expect
Glossing the reality
We dare not admit

For fear of the truth
We refuse to accept

Our disastrous existence
Remains ours to decide!

©  Viyanka Moodley

Grade 11

You'll Never Stop Her ~ Jowairiyya Khan

Shattered glass
Broken hearts
Lost souls
Scattered thoughts
Fallen stars
Crushed goals

Could she take anymore?
getting out of bed was a battle
The world felt like a blazing fire
Her bed, her dreams, her world...
was her sanctuary
She hoped soon people would present her obituary

She’s struggling...
Maybe with a little caring ;
She would find her way.
But that’s too hard for you
I mean, after all you think this will pass like a little flu?

Don’t worry.
Not anymore
Soon she’ll be gone

not because that lady soul wilt be reaped
But because she will fight
Without you,
She will ignite that spark that lives inside her

And when she’s on fire
Being the best she can be
Mark my words
You will never be higher.

©Jowairiyya Khan

Grade 11

Imploration ~ Ashleigh Skinner

don't turn your back
don't close that door
are you not waiting for me anymore.

the promises we made
the love you gave
do you expect me to believe it just goes away.

with every step
you're losing me
and everything we could have been.

we preached true love
and eternity
playing house with a family.

where'd that dream go
of you and me
it's not my fault I didn't mean to cheat.

I said I was sorry
can't you see
she didn't mean anything like you and me.

don't turn your back
don't close that door
guess there's no us anymore.

© Ashleigh Robin Skinner

Grade 12

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Silent For Too Long ~ Natasha de Jong

We've been silent for too long. We plead.
We. The different. Hiding away.
Listen to us.
In our minds we no longer exist.
It is our empty souls
our empty souls longing for something to fill the void.
We do not choose to feel like this. It's the way of life.
Stop hiding in the dark. Come out!
Our tears are falling watering the outside, draining the inside.
Fellow students, parents, friends.
it is written on white paper
yet, our generation is still dying.
People, we have cried for help.
People, stop walking around with closed eyes, closed hearts.
People, open up!
Listen to us, look at us, help us.
Look into the hollowness of our eyes.
The darkness of our souls.
Listen to us. We plead.
We have entered the night to tell our tale.
We hope you have heard us.
I hope you have heard me.
We are among you, we sit next to you.
Your sisters, brothers, friends, classmates.
Do not let us fade, no - not again.
Save us. Save our tears.
Save our soul. My spirit.
Save me.

© Natasha de Jong

Grade 11

We Have Entered the Night to Tell Our Tales ~ Sibongile Maseko

We have entered the night to tell our tales

For we have longed to chant
our secrets to an audience we relate to
but we could not bear to do so
in the presence of the scintillating sun.

We have entered the night to tell our tales

Tales of the shameless;
tales of the rebellious;
tales of the demented;
tales of the insipid
in their eyes.

In the eyes of the morally upright
we bring shame.

And so

We come together
to comfort
to understand
to listen
to accept one another
because we are alike

We have entered the night to tell our tales.

© Sibongile Maseko

Grade 11

We Enter the Night to Tell Our Tale ~ Erin van Niekerk

We enter the night to tell our tale
about us females -
You say all we do is text away
or paint our nails every day
but let the truth unveil
for we women are as delicious as a cocktail
so sweet and nice
but we can knock you down like you slipped on ice.
We women hold the power to give birth to the next generation
who might stop war and exploitation
while we are here we will stand tall
never again will we fall
we will rise up until the stars
because that is what we are.
We women are queens
looking amazing in our jeans -
It's okay to admit that when we sway
we slay!
But appreciate us for our minds
not our behinds
because we are the ones who know when to put down the guns
and that might just save your future son.
We are more than just an object.
We deserve respect.
So what if we text every day?
Don't forget to message, hey...

© Erin van Niekerk

Grade 11

We Enter the Night ~ Khwezi Dladla

We enter the night to tell our tale
a tale in which we never fade

of kids who have mental illnesses
but put up a facade

of poor parents who have kids
that have rich dreams
but can't afford to believe in them

of people who are the walking dead
living, breathing and walking but their souls
have already faded.

This is for the people who work 9 - 5
but can't even put food on the table to survive.

This poem is for all the people
that suffer in silence
for their voices, they scream the loudest.

© Khwezi Dladla

Grade 11

We Have Entered the Night ~ Nhlakanipho Magasela

Crime, violence, abuse
The story of people's lives matter
Yet people seem to act as if it is normal
Now those things seem like history

No one with the courage to talk
Tales are told by the people who need to speak
His story is about the violence and abuse of a man
His life doesn't matter as people judged him

How can a woman abuse him?
He has told the tale as many have
At the end of the tunnel there is hope
A new life without the crime and abuse

©  Nhlakanipho Magasela

Grade 11

Friday, 23 March 2018

We Have Entered the Night to Tell Our Tale ~ Siphelele Khumalo

It was dark
sitting with Mrs Clark
too late to mark
so we chose to embark
to tell our tales in the dark.

Some tales were told as fairy tales
that lit up the darkness of the night -
we had food but couldn't take a bite.

Some tales were horrific
so I thought about it chronic
I told mine
and they thought I was psychotic
which was ironic
because I thought I was iconic
yet I was only toxic.

We entered the night to tell our tales
so we told on
with no light on
we all listened
we all spoke
we all told our tales as we entered the night.

© Siphelele Angel Khumalo

Grade 11

Bombastic Affection ~ Mangaliso Xaba

Looking at this Lady I got so confused,
Don't get me wrong, not because I despise her or being rude.
It's just that she looks so familiar
Her eyes, Her smile, Her lips,  Her melodic voice,
The way she walks, everything about her in Particular.
I have to state this, she is so Peculiar.
A soul in possession of pure uniqueness,
One could tell by the way she dress.
Observing her outer beauty is making my thoughts run wild,
She is just a one of a kind.
Evaluating her inner beauty is making my world spin around,
A lady like her, one will never find.
Her personality is so fine.
If I could literally give my heart to her to depict my affection,
That's a sacrificial offering I would never mind.

© Mangaliso Xaba - MangzNation

Grade 12

What Happens Next? ~ Naadir Vorajee

Why do we learn?
Why do we grow?
Where do we see ourselves?
Where do we want to go?

Look at us... Moving toward...
with no idea of where we came from.

I am lost

A traveller under a cloudy sky
A saviour in chains
A boy whose freedom's bound by mind
where it only rains

I'm a merchant that has none to sell
But only perfect dreams
A runner that has no legs
A boy whose tears fill streams...

I'm painter that uses black and white
A carpenter of souls
A boy that wants to differ the world
A boy that's full of holes

Oh why do I still want to write?
What get I from this?
perhaps these lines that bound my pen
is freedom that I miss...

© Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Love Lost ~ Mangoliso Xaba


Standing  in front of the mirror
Hyped up due to thoughts of love roaming in mind.
Not believing that she’s really mine.
I remember telling her that I really dig her,
She told me to stop digging as she’s not mine.
Anyways I don’t mean to brag but
Her body is a major skew line,
Curves in all the right places.
I love her and would never trade her for a dime.
She’s my number one, well the rest shall follow.
A beautiful soul and my shoulder to cry on.
But as I deeply stare at my reflection on the mirror,
I can feel the lyrics of love play softer and slower in my head.
I then realise my dimples start to fade.
All because Real Love was Lost, and Lust was Found.


© Mangaliso Xaba [MangzNation]

Grade 12

Forever in my Heart ~ Sibongile Maseko

We were just having fun, weren't we?
Those moments werw like a key,
A key to unlock a door full of amazing memories
We didn't even care about our low batteries

All we cared about was seizing the moment
Who knew our time together would be so potent?
We thought nothing in the world could keep us apart,
Our last memory together is engraved in my heart

© Sibongile Maseko

Grade 11

When I First Met You ~ Marlize van der Merwe

When I first met you,
I was all in a trance,
I told you my secrets,
you told me yours.

I bet you thought I'd never love you,,
who would have thought.
We would be more than just friends,
I got to know the real person you.

A soul so caring, a soul so dear,
with a heart so true, your love so pure.
You are the wings that fly me to the moon,
I'll never leave, I'll rather stay,

Because of the feelings, I have for you.
You're my shining star, in life's blue sky,
and sometimes, I wonder, is this all so true?

So I've decided,
time will tell.
If we're to be,
Time will reveal, what lies ahead.

But always remember,
what I am saying.
Meeting you, has changed my life,
I truly love you.

the feelings I feel, I feel for you,
I'll never let you go.
I need you so,
you'll always be
the one for me.

© Marlize van der Merwe

Grade 10