A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Writing Destiny ~ Mika Datadin

How can I say I am sad?

All that's ever plagued my mind

has been my own poem,

my own writing

I have an unfortunate habit of using

words that do not wish to be used.

I am that one that has put

lead to paper, the one that

has made the mistakes, those

words I believe do not fit,

those awkward lines and harsh

forced rhymes.

All those writings I so regret

Yet I continue to write my

poems as such because I

cannot use the words I wish to.

One day in the future, when I

am in later stanzas of my

work, I will be free to write

as I please. Nothing will prevent

me from scribbling free verse,

independently of expectations.

One day in the future,

I will write my life

the way I wish.

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

Inside My Home ~ Mika Datadin

As I awoke dreary-eyed

I felt the burden of the world

fall onto my chest once again,

Pushing the air out of my

noisy lungs, silencing me from

uttering my helplessness

As I stood heavy-hearted

walking to the family room

the air burned holes in

my ears, as argument ensued.

But I would rather have this

destructive shelter, than journey beyond these walls.

As I step out, I am greeted

by smiling faces and batting eyelashes

small talk and big reactions

There I see a classmate

There I see a distant Aunt

But everywhere I see falsehood

How could you ask me to step into

A world where reality is not reality

Where every smile a scowl

Where every hug is an excuse

To stab someone in the back?

How could you ask me to make myself vulnerable?

Leave me

Inside my home

Where at least we speak our

Indecent truths face to face

Leave me

Inside my home

Where at least I feel


©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

Do you fare well in America? ~ Mika Datadin

For Jadida Kalim

We have entered the night to tell our tale

For it is then that we can come out

It is then that we are accepted

And real

During the day we are expected

To show ourselves only to be chastised

We are expected to leave our homes

And face the danger that lurks outside

But in the early hours of the morning

We come out to play

To meet friends from across the globe

To help those in need of an ear

To hear their woes

During the day we are occupied

With ink-filled papers and

Ink-filled minds

Pens grow out of our hands

Formulas spill out of our eyes

But when the sun begins to set

I can meet you over text, my friend

And forget for a while

That you're somewhere away from here, some thousands of miles

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

Widowed of A Living Companion ~ Mika Datadin

Love me the way you did when we were young

When she became old and waned

When you needed another muse as she lay in her bed

And you in mine

When you grew tired of her age

And accustomed to my beauty

I remember how your face would bath

In golden light on my pillow

I remember how you would buy me flowers

And clothes, and everything a young maid desires

But you could never but for me your real

love, your real self; for that is priceless to me

And then another came around

The same time my attraction weakened

You told me you needed to move on

To discover yourself

Here I am, left in my bed

And you in hers

I pray to you now to remember how my radiance had once sung

Love me again the way you did when we were young

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

Torch the Stars ~ Mika Datadin

Become who you are meant to become

Feel the power that is so rightly yours

Make the earth quake as you stride

Make the ocean waves calm

In your presence

Create the winds of tornadoes

Create the downfall of mountains

And the destruction of volcanoes

Rearrange the stars and planets

to your liking

Rearrange the cosmos as you

deem fit!

But remember not to abuse your strength,


You can use your powers for good as well;

To nurture the smallest flowers,

The youngest baby bird

Protect those that look up to you

Do not forsake them as you have been forsaken,

Great Warrior

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

On His Skin ~ Mika Datadin

Today we see history repeat itself

I found for a long while that

I had no urge to write poems.

I can't even remember

my last story, or when it was written

However, today I find it necessary to

Pick up the pen once again.

No one really discouraged me from writing

No one really knew, and

Those that did,

None of them really cared.

However, today I find it necessary to

Pick up the pen once again.

My pen is made of magic in its steel

And tales in its ink.

Stories told time and time again

Yet unparalleled and fresh with each drop.

This is why today I find it necessary to

Pick up the pen once again.

I've had no real companion

Besides my sterling silver partner

It's kept me from my tears,

And shielded me from the

Screams of my pressure.

I may decide last minute not

To write, to be strong,

But my sadness is stronger lately,

So I wish to see my magic pen

Of silver ink leave red

Marks on its canvas tonight.

This evening

Nobody can stop me from

Picking up my pen once again.

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 11

Saturday, 26 May 2018

My Mirror ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

My mirror, my reflection.
Same to me in every way, no mistake what so ever.
We look at watch other as if we just met, but we haven't.
You've been around my whole life - not only in the mirror of my room -
But the ones in the world.
My reflection, never in one place.
You are all over shadowing me from the: windows in class,
The reflection in my tea, my watch and polished surfaces.
The same person in every way, but different form every time.

My mirror, my reflection.
Do you see the world the same way I see it?
Or do you only see the surroundings I'm currently in?
Do you have a voice similar to mine?
Or do you mimic my lip movement ever so perfectly?
Movement your mouth like mine.
Do you hear the sounds of life?
Or do you only listen to the silence of your 2 - dimensional world?                                                       

Where sound is unknown.                                     
Do you feel emotion?
Like when I cried in front of you and I saw my tears on your face,
And my heavy emotions in your eyes.

My mirror, my reflection.
Are we friends?, because we know each other very well.
We are the same you and I, but I wonder....
What is it like to be you?
Your conscious and thoughts lie behind a transparent wall.
Yearning for freedom, to break the thickness that separates us.
I see, I feel and live
You see,  you feel and live - me.
Same to me in every way.
My mirror, my reflection.

©  Nkazimulo Mvemve

Grade 11