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Poetry ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

sometimes it feels like my emotions get the best of me.😢
maybe I feel💓too much and think🤔 too little
that my heart♥️becomes my mind.🤕
it's not my intention to cross the line but...
when I love... I Love,💘and yet for the most part,
it feels like my heart has been breaking💔more than loving.💖

I hate repeating🔂my mistakes with recurring love.
it feels as if my heart's a character in a video-game🎮,
it dies and dies and dies again.
each time different and each time more painful💀
than the last.
yet still it will resurrect👻to carry-on playing🎮
even though it may never win🥇

even still... you'd think somewhere in between
I would have changed,
I would have learned from falling for someone.
It's like outer🌠space in my inner ear👂🏿,
all I hear are silent lips moving👄,
they're saying "it's ohk".
The hardest pain is falling,
until you hit the attachments
that make it hard to get over someone.

"She's so perfect, so humble.&…
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Farewells ~ Zinhle Ndlovu

Farewells Never Existed Yet Goodbyes Are Persisted
I was thinking of true inspiration but then you came to mind. I have a few memories but i don't know where to start.

Do you remember the first day you looked me in the eye and told me i shouldn't hide my gift...well I'm remembering the little times we spent together and i just want to say :

"Farewells never existed yet goodbyes are still persisted"

We'll be so distant as if you were in pluto and i was in plant earth, yet i know destiny is not my enemy ever since i was told that everything happens for a reason. At first i feel my words were jailed but then you freed me.

This is not farewell, we'll stay well, please go out there and excell maybe we'll move together emotionally and the eyes may lose sight but the love will never be torn apart as farewells never existed.

A Mother's Love
"Never give up my child.
Do your best and don't forget to smile."

Sometimes we go wild but our parents …

The Purest Truth ~ Naadir Vorajee

I went upon a lonely walk and
stumbled upon a heart
I wanted to know the warmth it held so
I took it all apart
Its tears fell upon my face as
I felt all of its pain
I often took and never returned and
still that heart remained
When I got to the last piece
it sang a song of praise
It's sound so pure and peacefully put
until my end of days...
I never forgot that heart I broke,
its soft touches were sharp
It pierced my skin and entered my soul like
the sound from Orpheus' harp.

True love stands tall, its width unbound
it tells its truth to one
It never forgets its chosen soul even
when it is none.

Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013

The Last Note ~ Mangaliso Xaba

He Acts Like He Is Happy
But meanwhile He Is Left Stranded In The Miseries Of Life.
He Is Sorry For Being A Disappointment To His Parents,
He Never Knew Life Would Have Such Heavy Currents.
He is Deeply Sorry to All Those he has Hurt,
Sorry For The :Heartbreaks, Empty Promises
And All The Ruined Relationships.
He Now Wants To Be Alone,
Tired Of Talking On The Phone, Tired Of Talking to Them All...
These Are His Last Words.
Final Piece To Apologize To The World...

© Mangaliso Mthandazi Xaba (MangzNation)

Matriculant 2018

I Still Love You ~ Mangaliso Xaba

I Just Woke Up Missing The Days We Had Back Then.
Love Was Real And You Were My Best Friend.
I Had No Money, But I Loved You Like I Can.
You Broke My Heart & Left It For Someone Else To Mend.
They Keep Telling Me To Leave The Past In The Past, And Focus On What I Have Today.
To Tell The Truth, Things Seem To Not Be Going My Way.
I Miss You And All The Moments That We Shared,
Me & You Were A Really Good Pair.
The Way You Left Me Knocked Me & Broke Me Into Lasting Sadness.
I Want You To Know That I Still Do Care.
This Might Look Like A Note From A Love Sick Puppy.
But I Had To Write It Because I Really Need You In My Life Honey.
You Gave Me Hope & Showed Me That Love From Deep Within Truly Does Exist.
That's Why I Cannot Give Up On You, I Really Cannot Submit.
You Really Are The One For Me, My Darling Baby Boo.
I Still Love You & That's The Only Truth.

© Mangaliso Mthandazi Xaba 

Matriculant 2018

Three Poems ~ Lindokuhle Mbatha

Life vs School
We see life at different perspectives
but we never see life as something good
why should it always be something sad
why is today's youth so depressed
Depressed because we taught how to be like that
Why can't schools teach us how to be
a good entrepreneur or something better
But we get taught about things we'll never need
Life and school is all the same
but it's how you look at the two different perspectives

Mind vs Heart
We choose in two different ways
Think about it
There is love at 1st sight
There is love after being friends with someone
Looking at her for the 1st time
made me think she was the one
when i never knew what was going inside
that mind and heart of hers
Knowing she was one beautiful girl
everyone knew and loved
but if only they knew
what was going on in that mind and heart
Many people like her body and smile
but they never know what is going in that mind and heart
Where does love reflect?
The mind or the heart?
That's one question we s…

A Poem for the Beginning of Spring ~ Malwazi Moholi

Love in SadnessWritten in September 2019

There are scars in place of serious wounds,
although, only after some time.
Some wounds take longer to heal,
while some cause more anguish, get distracted just to forget the anxiety.
Physical wounds would heal and leave a scar,
yet, emotional wounds reminisce and never really heal,
always holding back melancholic sounds
while painting a burning Cistus.

A "self-portrait," you said.
"Tomorrow, You will die," you said.
Even though you knew nothing of what you were saying,
you knew exactly how to inflict the pain you have always had.
Treating me as your own canvas,
painting pretty flowers of different colors on my flesh,
while trying to hide your lonely, painful secret.
I was a burning Cistus, waiting for someone to put out the fire and give me water.
The bruises you painted on my body eventually disappeared,
but my fear and anxiety for you lingered...
It lingered long after I burned in your eyes.

Time passed and watered my wou…

You ~ Vuyani Ntshingila

Your golden hair shines,
 Brightly blinding my eyes,
 I guess you could say,
 I’m blinded by love.
Your tongue whispers,
Whispers sweet nothings in my ear,
To a normal person it would make no sense,
But I know exactly what you mean.
Your skin resembles dark chocolate,
Bitter to those who taste hastily,
And attracts those,
Who take time to taste
Your heart though not flawless,
Is filled with good intentions and compassion,
With space to love,
It reminds you of past failures.
You, Oh you cause sleepless nights,
To those who dare think of you,
Oh how I wish I had you.�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…

SILHOUETTE ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

"She's so perfect, so humble."
I say in my mind as it is the only thing that I thought every time I saw her.

As to why I did not speak about how I felt?
I do not know, with reasoning so parallel to rejection I hesitated in my attempts.
But in fact my motives were not that of a Flirtatious type but one filled with Admiraton.
She was beauteous in every way.

I have no recollection of why failed to acknowledge her presence before.
At first she was just another person that drifted past me, the second time, there was little emotion when I saw her from a distance.
Yet I don't know if the third time was the charm but I saw a different glow, an Aura to put it more correctly.

And I now I can't stop thinking about her, a Silhouette of biblical proportion.
Creepish looks of profound awe, was all I was able to do.
When she sat next to me our conversations were brief personality exchanges, family, and school matter.
I immediately felt ashamed because as a Dude I should have be…

Changes, Goodbyes, Thank You ~ Uwais Coetzee

He said he’d always choose her
But now he wasn’t so sure.
He’d seen so many faces,
He’d seen so much more.
He’d found his ways to pass the time
And how to forget about his pain.
But his usual old tendencies had
Seemed to stay the same.
He had his words,
Lived in the dark,
Blocked out the world
But left his mark.
He’d changed so much
And yet stayed the same
and was always but always
sticking to his game.
He missed the way they spoke
But not enough to speak
And he’d found his level of nonchalant
He’d set out to seek.
He was out to live his life
And face his problems in a line
But these days people
Could face two at a time.

The tears running down our faces
Our unwavering and incurable shivers.
Our tortured goodbyes
Embraced us more than
We could ever embrace
Each other.
Quivering bottom lips
And tears stained faces
Forced us to wander away
From our places.
Out of our zones
And into each other’s comfort
Finding companionship in
Each other’s solidarity,
With mutual pain