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You ~ Vuyani Ntshingila

Your golden hair shines,
 Brightly blinding my eyes,
 I guess you could say,
 I’m blinded by love.
Your tongue whispers,
Whispers sweet nothings in my ear,
To a normal person it would make no sense,
But I know exactly what you mean.
Your skin resembles dark chocolate,
Bitter to those who taste hastily,
And attracts those,
Who take time to taste
Your heart though not flawless,
Is filled with good intentions and compassion,
With space to love,
It reminds you of past failures.
You, Oh you cause sleepless nights,
To those who dare think of you,
Oh how I wish I had you.�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������…
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SILHOUETTE ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

"She's so perfect, so humble."
I say in my mind as it is the only thing that I thought every time I saw her.

As to why I did not speak about how I felt?
I do not know, with reasoning so parallel to rejection I hesitated in my attempts.
But in fact my motives were not that of a Flirtatious type but one filled with Admiraton.
She was beauteous in every way.

I have no recollection of why failed to acknowledge her presence before.
At first she was just another person that drifted past me, the second time, there was little emotion when I saw her from a distance.
Yet I don't know if the third time was the charm but I saw a different glow, an Aura to put it more correctly.

And I now I can't stop thinking about her, a Silhouette of biblical proportion.
Creepish looks of profound awe, was all I was able to do.
When she sat next to me our conversations were brief personality exchanges, family, and school matter.
I immediately felt ashamed because as a Dude I should have be…

Changes, Goodbyes, Thank You ~ Uwais Coetzee

He said he’d always choose her
But now he wasn’t so sure.
He’d seen so many faces,
He’d seen so much more.
He’d found his ways to pass the time
And how to forget about his pain.
But his usual old tendencies had
Seemed to stay the same.
He had his words,
Lived in the dark,
Blocked out the world
But left his mark.
He’d changed so much
And yet stayed the same
and was always but always
sticking to his game.
He missed the way they spoke
But not enough to speak
And he’d found his level of nonchalant
He’d set out to seek.
He was out to live his life
And face his problems in a line
But these days people
Could face two at a time.

The tears running down our faces
Our unwavering and incurable shivers.
Our tortured goodbyes
Embraced us more than
We could ever embrace
Each other.
Quivering bottom lips
And tears stained faces
Forced us to wander away
From our places.
Out of our zones
And into each other’s comfort
Finding companionship in
Each other’s solidarity,
With mutual pain

Destiny, Distance, Dreams ~ Uwais Coetzee

Some things in this world
Were just meant to be.
Like the story in a book,
I believe in destiny.
Like the sky was meant to be blue
And the birds meant to fly
And wolves meant to howl
And people meant to cry.
Rain was meant to fall and
Souls were meant to combine
And destiny is always in
A straight line.
If wars were meant to happen
And people were meant to fight
And people who were dying
Were meant to see the light.
If suicide is normal
And time can never change
Is life in enjoyment normal
And suffering is strange?
If reading was always possible
And people were meant to write,
Then the sun would always go down
And it’d be dark at night?
If roses were always red,
And violets always blue
Would living always be this way?
And I’d be forced to love you?

Physical distance was never
A problem for a yearning love.
When space separate, the soul
Connects. You may never have been
Around but I learned to draw
Your eyes with my mind
And colour them in with my soul.
Physical dista…

Connection, Cages, Band-Aids ~ Uwais Coetzee

If people left their footprints on every
Place their presence had been, your
Outline would walk wonders on
The traces of my skin. Not necessarily
Physically but touches of the mind as if
Touching your body meant less than the
Soles of our feet meant to clouds, less than
Sharks meant parrots or any other polar
Opposite that were never meant to meet, my
touch meant nothing to you because who needs
to feel hands when your souls connect?

People cage themselves, as if being
Trapped in a box is all we’ve
Ever meant to be. We live holed
Away as if reality was never tangible, as
If imagination and dreams were intangible
To make into reality. Trapped in boxes
Of black and white without ever
Realizing that the colour we seek can
Be found by widening reality to
Incorporate the imagination we’ve always
Excluded therefrom. We were always
On the edge of being innovative, creative,
Separated by our own societal boundaries
That keep us from dreams and hope.
We keep our worlds inn gr…

Energy, Footprints & Habits ~ Uwais Coetzee

Under a sky of a million stars, I saw
Instead the hope of there being hope.
I sit in a new life with new people
But a strange familiarity as if living
Is what destiny was all about.
Instead of where I am, instead of
What I do, instead of being depressed
And dwelling on you, I find myself
Too busy in expression to express.
Too busy crying with laughter to cry
In torture. My tears instead are
filled with the hope of a hope and
the waves of a light that shine brighter
than the stars I sat under tonight.
They say that energy can never be created
Nor can it be destroyed and only
Transferred. Well now the energy seems
To be mine. It’s our turn to shine.

I follow your footprints every time you
Seem to cross this lonely mind of
Mine. I track you as if being a
Tracker was all I was ever meant
To be. Or not to be, because the
Question was never ‘who’ or ‘why’. You
See, those have always been two certain
Answers that go something like ‘you’
and ‘who else?’. The question was

Insanity ~ Uwais Coetzee

Light became the darkness
And blue looked like red
And the lace where he slept
Became a cage and not a bed.
He was going insane as
Black became white,
As joy became fake,
As flee became fight.
As anger became common
And tears became a friend.
As life became a blur,
As reality began to bend,
As words became forced
And silence was his way.
As his demons became his companions
And night became his day.
As he stayed inside and tried to hide
And he watched life from window pane
He slipped in and out reality.
He was slowly going insane.

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018


Is it a Sin? ~ Uwais Coetzee

Is it a sin when someone
Leaves a place?
Not only leaves but
Leaves no trace.
Is it a sin to want what
Left you behind without waiting to turn?
Is it a sin to want to punish
Yourself and free them but take their burn?
Is it a sin to be all that you are
And possess so troubled a past?
Is it fair that what started so
Quick would burst in flames so fast?
I know that nothing lasts forever
And nothing that we have stays
But even though we separate we
Didn’t have to go separate ways.
Is it a sin to want
Things so desperately much
That you become conflicted
With pain as such?
Is it a sin to be wanted?
Is it a sin to feel lust?
Is it a sin to feel broken
By the breaking of trust?
Is it a sin to feel jealous because
You’re all I want to be?
Is it a sin to have you want me
Just for me?

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018


Haiku & Other Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

She just might have been
The embodiment of all
I needed to know.

They say that love
Is where the heart is.
But who ever said that home
Needs to be a place?

If only she knew,
He compared the
Brightest stars to
Her dullest moments
And she won by far.

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018


Life ~ Uwais Coetzee

I like the idea of us separating
And walking our separate ways
To someday meet again
Face to face.
Because nothing really ends
Not even life. It just continues
In the lives of those that it
Touched, in those that it felt,
In those that it held on the
Nights that holding ourselves together
Became our only objective.
Life is the life and life is
The light. Life is the darkest
Moments of the night. Life will
Always come even try as you might
To avoid the pain that you try to
Fight because even when the
Stars don’t shine, even when
You were never mine, even when
Wrong was close to right, the light
Always shines at the end of the night.

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018