Sunday, 5 July 2020

Paper Plane ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

Nkazimulo Mvemve

Matriculant 2019

An Open letter to Nobody in Particular ~ Uwais Coetzee

Phrases in motion continue to be spoken to ears that feel no remorse for ignoring pleas. Eyes drift, hearts beat, and feet keep shaking bodies from succumbing to gravity and pain working in tandem to bring us to the earth. You see, life never waited for you and I. “Time waits for no one” and so I write letters to no one in particular hoping that time wait for them to be read. Your mind may race. Your feelings may be potent. Your ideas could be revolutionary. “Time waits for no one.” No matter how gutting it may be. Whether tears roll or shoulders shake, your eyes may be swollen, and your hands chafed from wiping salt from your face. Your soul may be trying to sell itself for liberation and your heart beats itself up every day without another heart taking pity upon it. Regardless of all these things the rain continues to fall even when you do not see it.

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018

Proudly Black ~ Zanini Msomi

Her smile,
Her dark hazelnut eyes,
Her coarse African hair
And her brown chocolate skin.
She is a black woman.
No, she's a proudly black woman.

Her confidence runs till the ends of the earth.
From the way she sways her hips as she takes on the world,
To the way she clicks her tongue as she kindly picks her words.
She is proudly black.

From her dark skin,
To her frizzy hair.
Her tongue, her tongue is of confusion
And her eyes an illusionment.
She has Rwanda in her blood
And Africa in her heart.

Many have tried to take her down fearing her rise,
But many have failed, underestimating her drive.
She holds the world in her arms,
The stars in her eyes and the universe in her heart.

She is a masterpiece of art,
Made with no mistakes right to her heart.
She is not beautiful for a black woman,
She is beautiful because she is a black woman.

©Zanini Msomi

Grade 12

Welcome Home ~ Zanini Msomi

Welcome to our society where looks come before character, where fame comes before hard work and where a good time comes before a good thing.
Welcome to our broken society where the bullet comes before the interview,
where hate comes before love and where money rules the world.
Welcome to our shattered society where love equals abuse and speaking out means attention seeking.
Welcome to our flawed society where we see colour instead of hearts and judge without understanding.
Welcome to our damaged society where rape is asked for by the victims and abuse is an honest mistake.
Welcome to our torn society where police brutality is a norm and helping others is frowned upon.
Welcome to our wrecked society where our obituaries are written before our graduation speeches and our homes are our living nightmares.
Welcome to our damaged society that has a problem for every solution, that has more grave sites than the world can handle and that swallows you whole and spits you out broken.
Welcome to our society where silence is no longer an option but betrayal, where your tears mean nothing and your screams are silenced.
Welcome to this our society, that we have all created. I hope you have a good stay.

© Zanini Msomi

Grade 12

Redemption ~ Malwazi Moholi

Can we work it out?
The differences, the flaws, the negligence...
Can we work them out?
Can we come together and try again?
This time with conversation,
not pride.
This time with resolved minds,
not with naive hearts.
Can't we just sit down and confess?
Confess my I love you's
and my letdown's,
You're I wasn't happy's
and your affections.
Can't we work it out?
Can't we work them out?

© Malwazi Moholi

Matriculant 2018