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Thursday, 17 September 2015

End & Other Poems ~ Karabo Masinga


A friend is whom one knows, likes and trusts.
Its difficult to find a special bond like us.
A best friend is the one friend who is closest to you,
With joy, laughter and mischief you do.
A boyfriend is male friend whom you share feelings for.
Who should to you - love, cherish and adore.
A girlfriend is a female friend whom you are involved with.
Beautiful & graceful like mother earth.
Sadly all this relationships eventually end
Even though you try so hard to mend.
All of this words conclude in E...N...D.
That's how you know it was never meant to be.

A substance with energy and is good.
It has no end and it is food.



Study, study now.
Mother insists I do so.
Studying never!



"Sorry" is a word of sorrow,
Which sometimes the meaning is so hollow.
Apologies will only be accepted
When we know our hearts are protected.

©  Karabo Masinga

Grade 10

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  1. I enjoyed reading these thoughts and especially like the line "Apologies will only be accepted when we know our hearts are protected."


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