A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Soul Is ~ Thaveshni Govender

The soul is the most amazing thing

You can't touch it
Nor feel it
Only when gone
Can you see the loss as clear as
Black and white
When alive its like a clear
Blue sky,
It lights up your smile
And makes you my dear love

But then autumn comes
And takes you away
Your kindred spirit
Like the melody of your life
Days mock like cerulean moons
Nothing to do but remember you
Days as dark as night
Without you here at home

And I wish your soul were
Here still
And not lost to us forever...

© Thaveshni Govender

Grade 10


  1. This is a very beautiful poem of loss and remembrance. What a gorgeous line: "Days mock like cerulean moons." I would love to have written that line!

  2. Gorgeous: "Days mock like cerulean moons"

  3. Yes--I too was especially moved by the line about the days like cerulean moons--we feel all of nature should be in tune with our suffering. A very poignant poem. k.


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