A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Mountain & Other Poems ~ Samantha Tindogan

The Mountain

A King stands proudly
Steadfast and silent
His white hair frames his hard-set face
His eyes are cold, calculating
He stands above and watches
Dominant and powerful
Look Closer
You see the scars
Battles with the weather
Look up and see dark skies
Look down and see the trees
How they bow
Low and deep
For their King


How peaceful the skies must be
Quiet and isolated
Millions of stars each
In their own little worlds


I am just a lowly mirror
My face forever changing
Look into me and I see your thoughts
Dark, twisted
Sweet and carefree
Look into me and realise
I am you
The real you

©  Samantha Tindogan

Grade 10


  1. !!!! These are all very cool, but the last one blew my hat out the window.

  2. Exceptionally beautiful writing. I loved the looking down at the trees, "how they bow low and deep for their King." Wow! Love the peaceful skies. And, like Fireblossom, I found your last one stunning.


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