A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Beat of My Heart ~ Yash Mahabir

Counting every second of the day
I am dying to see your face,
Wishing you were at the door
Because I can't take another minute more.

I think of you often,
Never missing a day.
My love is forever,
and always sent your way.

Your name, across my Heart,
written in Gold, this permanent mark.
Love engraved is what we are,
Beyond words, Our Love is art.

Hurts so good, Love and Pain,
when all fades, you remain.
Permanent you leave your scar,
when you gone, you never far.

All over me. Mum,
Your Signature.

© Yastish Mahabir

Grade 11

1 comment:

  1. I love "when all fades, you remain." I LOVE your closing lines! Very moving.


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