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Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Last of Us & Other Poems ~ Ivan Mac Donald

The Last of Us

We stood there...cold alone,
Hoping a survivor would save us.
We stood there…with nothing left,
But the hope of a second sunshine.

We stood there…empty handed,
With nothing for us to protect ourselves

We stood there…Not willing to stay,
And live longer with pain.

We stood there…waiting,
For death to claim us back home.



Whitney…We used to have so much,
However when you left me
I felt too much pain to live on further.

The pain that shot threw my heart
Never leaves my memory at night.

Everlasting love is what we called it
Yet if it’s everlasting…Why am I alone and in pain



And full of hope
Your love only makes me stronger

©  Ivan Mac Donald

Grade 10

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