A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Love is Stupid ~ Zama Nkabinde

Love is stupid
can't deal with this, bring back Cupid
because in love the same things keep on happening
it's like talking to someone who isn't listening

In love,
you hate and then love again
there's no way I'll be able to take that pain
my eyes just won't be able to handle so much rain
it will even begin to flood
I'll go mad and start cutting myself until I see blood

In love,
you smile and cry
curse and wish to die
I see these young girls committing suicide
only because the one they loved and trusted decided to lie
ignoring it, some tried
scared of pain, they cried

In love you,
you have to choose but have no choice
because no matter how loud you talk, you still have no voice
you try to speak, but you bite your tongue
you try to go but you can't because he'll close the door
you'll stay even though you don't love him no more

In love,
you break-up then make-up
pick up those pieces no matter how badly it shattered when it fell
being with him is like heaven and hell
you hold even if you want to let go...

...and I,
I don't know what to do anymore
I'm happy with the pain (I guess)
I love looking like a mess (I guess)
because loving-you-not is impossible.

©  Zama Nkabinde

Grade 11


  1. Well, finally someone tells it like it really is. This is really good and makes me smile. I feel much the same way, at my advanced age. But I'll lend you some hope - once you are out of high school, in several more years, when you meet someone who cares about your heart as much as you care about theirs - love can be Not Stupid. (I LOVE your title!)


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