A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 22 May 2016

She Made It ~ Yashoda Naidoo

This is for the girl
who has attended more
funerals than weddings,
introduced herself to more doctors than
friends, yet
she capable of winning more
battles than lose.

This is for the girl
who will always be
stronger than she looks
and braver than she thinks
This is for the girl
who tattooed an electric smile,
lightning laughter, and
candid charisma.

This is for the girl
with enough backbone
to face any challenge
and resist any monkey wrench
thrown at her.

This is for the girl
who is a hero
with super powers beyond
even her own comprehension.

This one is for the girl
who wakes up every morning
and fights off her demons
so well that the rest of us
fail to remember they
ever even existed.

This one is for you.

©  Yashoda Naidoo

Grade 9

Goddess ~ King Dopey

O thine beauty evokes the jealousy of angels
Your voice the serenade heard even by deaf ears
Intelligence beyond my understanding
With wisdom that renders King Solomon a common fool
But I am the real fool
A mere outcast such as I,
charmed by a consecrated Being such as you

Imprisoned by my own fears,insecurities, inhibitions
Walls that keep you away from me
Boundaries that take away my voice
So I can never declare how much You mean to me

They often say love is just hormones,infatuation and lust,
nothing more and unreal
But within Your presence I beg to differ
Perfection beyond divine,too great to be mirrored,
yet you are still humble above all

Heartache and depression
All because of how I feel about You
I will regret solemnly what I am about to do

Sharp blade in hand and a noose to follow through
You are a Goddess to me and your light shines through
Yet I would rather take my own life
Than have my heart rejected and broken by You...

©  King Dopey

Grade 9

This Soul ~ Minenhle Hadebe

If I should die, think only this of me:
A tranquil human being, who was full of joy and happiness
Who people admired her ambitiousness.
 A young African lady
Who was not anywhere near of being shady.
With a colourful  personality
and huge love of her nationality.
Full of jokes, fun and laughter
what more could you ask for.
Beauty was her second name,
With the love of making people laugh and smile,
 was her only aim.
As flame is to heat as rose is to scent.
She was a soul full of greatness
with a sweet, loving and caring heart.
A teenager vying into adulthood.

©  Minenhle Hadebe

Grade 9

Somewhere In Between ~ Nosipho Mtshali

If i should die, think only this of me
Of how i always smiled at you,
mesmerized by your beauty
Of how i always tried to make you happy
despite the challenges that we faced.

But you never saw through that smile,
that deep inside i was hurting.
You were never able to see
that my heart was nothing 
but an empty shell
And it was all because of you...

But i do not want you to feel guilty
for you did not know what you were doing.
You were caught up in the world
And its devious ways,

Nor do i want you to think that you are innocent
because trust me, you are far from that.
You made me string along behind you 
like a lost fool
You made me feel like a sheep with no direction

But forget about that, 
for i am now in a better place 
I am happier than i ever was 
or ever could be when i was around you.

And remember that you are not guilty,
nor are you innocent,
But floating somewhere in between.

©  Nosipho Mtshali

Grade 9

Death ~ Palisa Molefe

remember those distant memories
that you have grown to love
do not feel depressed
when under grains of sand
my body is compressed

remember my warm laughter
that will live happily ever after
the tears shed
when I learned my life would come to an end
remember me, for me
the good and the bad
I'm sorry
if I ever made you sad

I've lived, I've loved, I've lost
but if I should in this very moment
close my eyes for all eternity
remember me at my happiest
Happy, happy that my time on earth
was filled with fond memories
that I'll take with me
wherever the road leads me
If  I should die think only this of me...

©  Palisa Molefe

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Megan Thomas

The curl in my hair
The warmth of my skin
The hazel in my eyes
The soft touch of my hands
The sweet sound of my laughter

Remember the moments when I was with you
because in those moments I was at my best

I wasn't your typical girl
I wasn't known for my shyness,
Intelligence or

But I didn't care
all I want to be remembered is, as yours.

©  Megan Thomas

Grade 9

See You Again ~ Samkelo Ndaba

If I should die, think only this of me
I was born to live
and learnt how to give
I had a purpose to fufill
which was part of Gods will

For loving not hating
and always praying
I was there when you needed me
and I always will be
Maybe not physically but spiratually

I was the one who gave you butterflies
when ever I smiled
The time has come where I no longer live
For there's no more time for me to relive

Chin up and don't be sad
for you must remember that,
we'll meet again

©  Samkelo Ndaba

Grade 9

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Think Only This of Me ~ Zama Madlala

Think about my loving, tender care
My presences and my sweetness
how we laughed a lot.

Remember all the memories we made
the fun, mischievous things we did
lucky we never got in trouble.

Remember I watch from a far
so don't be sad, depressed and gloomy
Go on with your days as if I were still around.

Remember many days still await you
Enjoy the days, nights, stars and
how they shine and sparkle.
I too have enjoyed the glistening night sky.

Remember I have enjoyed my life too
its amazing I've made it through
the lessons I have learnt so far
Shocked, I pulled through and
made it this far.

©  Zamasishi Madlala

Grade 9

My Science Lab ~ Sphelele Majola

If I should die, think only this of me:
I am not quiet,
I am observant.
I am not irritating,
I am experimenting.

Life is my science project.
And I experiment with as many objects
I don't do dangerous things,
I just do absurd things.

I am a lover of life,
not war, hatred or fights.
I am not easily understood
but when you finally do,
you'll realise that I'm pretty simple too.

©  Sphelele Majola

Grade 9

Feelings Untamed ~ Neha Singh

Was I loyal?
Was I trustworthy?
If I should die,
would you remember me?

Think only this of me...
Think of the things we used to do,
that only concerned me and you.

You brought me happiness,
I brought nothing but destruction.
But, did you ever notice the beauty behind a storm.

You brought me to my knees,
when you turned away and left me to grieve.
Did you ever stop to realize
that you left me paralyzed.

If I should die,
would you grieve in heart wrenching pain,
or would you walk
feelings untamed...

©  Neha Singh

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Nirvay Parthab

If I should die tomorrow
Let the flowers dance on my grave
Let the soil remember who i was
What I stood for...
What I embodied

If I should die tomorrow
Remember me not by my flaws
But by the smile
I put on your face

Let my soul live on
And my spirit run free
Let me blossom in your heart
Let me wrap you in my wings

If I should die tomorrow
Although I shall be gone
I shall be forever young
Think only this of me...

©  Nirvay Parthab

Grade 9

Think of Me ~ Sekwanele Hlubi

If I should die think only this of me
remember me of being the man I used to be
the young gentleman I was to be
all the things I used to do
for you and for me
love me or hate me I'll forever be in your heart and mind
with you I will remain

©  Sekwanele Hlubi

Grade 9

If I had to Stare Death in the Eye ~ Kudisha Singh

I held every door open for you,
I would climb every wall you built.
I fixed you up when you fell apart,
I showed the light when,
You were hidden amongst the shadows,
I was the only ship that didn't sink in your seas.
When you took the suitcase,
I took the blame.

When you walked in,
You walked out,
I gave you my wings when yours were broken,
I made the crowds shout your name,
I waited for you in the pouring rain,
Lay your roses on my grave,
One day you too would have to cross the bridge,
I will be waiting for you on the other side

©  Kudisha Singh

Grade 9

Think Only This of Me ~ Yashoda Naidoo


Think of me as an undefinable warmth,
as the warmth of the morning sun,
steadier and more capable than your bedroom lamp
as you stumble down the shadow-lined hallway
and breathe in my promise, a man released
from his wrongful grave.

If it is cloudy, or if you are denied
that first stretch, those first breaths,
let me be the busy energy of the day.
I will be your strength, even through the power of my absence,
guiding you down the one sure road you choose to take,
weaving your life and your memories
so tightly to the daylight
that no one can look at them and tell them apart.

And if there is no daylight for you,
remember me as the night. Remember me as
a faint glimmer of watchful stars,
or let me be the coolness in your room,
the whisper of wind that tickles its way
across your face
and sinks deeply into your dreams.

Remember me as a time of day,
so that when your clock stops or
your city's fog shuts out the seasons,
or when you no longer have clear memories of me,
you cannot say that I have been forgotten.

©  Yashoda Naidoo

Grade 9

Friday, 20 May 2016

If I Should Die ~ Lusanda Mhlongo

If I should die think only this of me

silence and shyness
was the exact opposite of me
I said what I like
and my spoke my mind

I was human
but I could think and do beyond human
I couldn't fly but I did much greater things
was I loyal?
was I trustworthy?
without a doubt I was a good friend

When days are dark I thought of light
Because life is too short to cry and sulk
Although I was very short in height
My presence will forever remain big and bright

I loved to sing and hated to dance
My body will die but my soul will be forever alive
singing and dancing
if I should die think only of the joy I had towards you
goodbye for now

©  Lusanda Mhlongo

Grade 9

Who I Was ~ Nombulelo Jili

if I should die, think only this of me
I was always there when you needed me
But you couldn't see

I've helped those who drowned
in a sorrowful sea.

I've seen a lot of things
Been to a lot places

I've learnt life lessons
That I will never forget

I was nice, kind , sweet then mean
I was unpredictable

sometimes I was misunderstood
They never knew the real me

But most importantly, I
lived a life, way different
to yours.

if I should die,
please remember me.

©  Nombulelo Jili

Grade 9

Soldier's Journey ~ Jadee Mac Donald

If I should die, think only this of me
That this was never my destiny
I never wanted to take this path
I was forced into this ferocious blood bath

I've seen friends fall 
And I've seen terror many more
But do forgive me family if I pass 
I've never meant for this to break your hearts

My caring heart has become colder throughout the wars
Knocking down the fearing's doors
Looking into the eyes of a helpless victim
Promising his freedom but I tricked him

There are no winners in war
More victims you can count on the floor
I don't want to be known as a killer
But the eyes of my victims still haunt my brain
And killing more would just for a second take away the pain

My life of happiness
Was taken away for me
Not voluntarily
I've never meant for my life to turn out like this
But this is what war is
Everyone is a victim

If it's not the killing it's the voices in your head 
Telling you that what you are doing is wrong
But you are told that you belong
They tell you not to stop fighting
But the souls of the dead are biting

I need to leave this chore
But this is war...
I'm expected to give my life for my country

©  Jadee Mac Donald

Grade 9

If I Should Die Today ~ Senzelwe Hadebe

If I should die today, think only this of me,
I was a confusing soul, never felt more free.
I was a funny, talkative, loud and cute child,
With a crazy personality.

Remember my jokes, my smile, my wave,
Remember the time I went through my "growing phase".
Remember my truth, my love, my friendship and enthusiasm,
The one thing my friends wont miss is my sarcasm.

If I should die today, think only this of me,
I was a happy, proud, selfless person.
I had a soothing voice for my singing, speeches and to talk,
I know I may be young, I want people to remember me.
For everything I did, I hope I leave a legacy.

©  Senzelwe Hadebe

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Wardah Ismail

If I should die think only this of me
We found each other, when there was no one
for you and me

Lost in the world, alone we were
going through life with no one to care

Happiness we found with each other
was life's most valued treasure

Sorrows and tears
were no more our fears
for we had each other
to wipe away our tears

You were my strength
I was your pillar
Together we could conquer
and be the winner

Our grief was halved
our happiness was doubled
All our agonies
were finally crumbled

My life is yours, to you I owe
all the wonderful moments
that had made me glow

I say this one last time
If I should die think only this of me

©  Wardah Ismail

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Sancia Govender

If I should die, think only this of me
I was the ocean above the sand
I was the moon behind the darkness
I was your friend in deed
when you were in need.

I was a someone and not something.
My inspiration was my sincere imagination.
My support was my skyscraper of wanderlust.
I was the ultimate array of colour bursting into happiness.

My life was a rollercoaster full of high expectations
Filled with the presence of ups and downs, highs and lows.
I lived for a tomorrow that never existed.
My soul will rest in a blanket of serenity.

© Sancia Govender

Grade 9

To Think ~ Mika Datadin

If I should die, think only this of me;
Those of you who left me alone,
I finished my battles on my own,
I didn't even have help from Mercy.

If I should die, think only this of me;
Even when I wasn't strong,
I tried to help you all day and night long,
When I wasn't myself entirely.

If I should die, think only this of me;
I wrote not for your entertainment, (Oh, please!)
I wrote to give myself a vacation, (What a breeze)
Now get over yourself, for the sake of poetry.

If I should die, think only this of me;
I wanted to be friends with you all, no enmity
This feeling was not mutual, unfortunately
There are no sour feelings though, trust me.

If I should die, think only this of me;
I leave a message for my very special friend,
I love you with all my heart until world's end,
Because you were the fire that warmed my icy feelings.

If I should die, think whatever you want of me,
For I would be dead.
To lose, something would have to be left,
Something called Life which, I'm sure, you hold dearly...

©  Mika Datadin

Grade 9

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

If I Should Die ~ Muhammad Vawda

If I should die, think only this of me
When I was a kid
You let me be
Who I wanted to be

My dad, your husband...
A drug addict...
Didn't take care of me
Always tried to push me astray

My friends, oh dear friends
I might have made it seem like i didn't care
But just remember, i was always there
Don't worry, I'll take care

To my amazing teachers
I might have not listened
Always slept in class
But deep inside, your'l always in my heart

My dear brother
You're so small and innocent
But just remember
Grow up and be decent

©  Muhammad Vawda

Grade 9

When I'm Gone.~ Momelezi Mdingi

If I should die, think only this of me
Think what you have always thought of me

Don't change how you feel about me
because you believe this was a tragedy,
when it was nothing but a painful reality.

Don't praise how much you loved me.
Talk about how I loved others.

Don't shout how much you hate me.
Talk about how I dealt with your hatred.

Don't emphasize my mistakes.
Talk about how I learnt from them.

Don't see me as a hero,
just because my heart rate is now zero.

Don't make your time with me a life of lies
just because I came across death
which will always be the painful truth.

When you pay your respects,
pay them with honesty.

Then I will be at peace.

©  Momelezi Mdingi

Grade 9

Remember Me ~ Ayanda Sithole

If I should die,think only this of me 
The only me,there could be
No bad done,but only good deeds
The brave,who can lead
If I should die,think only this of me
The only me,there could be
Gives hand to the one that needs
Heals those who bleed
If I should die,think only this of me
The only me,there could be
The role model to the little seeds
Answers to those who plead
Think only this of me.
The only me,there could be
The one,
people would die for,
to have one last see.
©  Ayanda Sithole

Grade 9

Gone But Not Forgotten ~ Kiara Magan

It I should die, think only this of me,
Recall me at my best,
Forget all the rest,
This is my legacy.
Treasure every memory,
Think of my love and care,
Do not despair.

Remember all the joys we have shared,
And all the tears we have shed,
The great friendship we've had,
Without me it shall still be.

My praises should be sung,
Of all the good things that I've done,
A helping hand to whoever in need,
These were my precious deeds.

Although we are apart,
Let me remain forever in your heart,
Don't stand and weep,
Someday we will meet.

©  Kiara Magan

Grade 9

My Last Wish ~ Jadida Kalim

If I should die, think only this of me
No, know this of me!
I took you in
When your parents abandoned you
I absorbed everything the world said
About me doing this to you

I clothed you and fed you
With warmth, care and love
I taught you what's right
I taught you what's wrong
I showed  you the best parts of the world
And the worst parts of the world

I laughed when you laughed
And cried when you cried
I always thought of you
Before I thought of myself
Wishing only the finest for you
My last wish before I die is that

Nobody will live ...
In fact I wish, there will be no such thing
As the cold, white walls
Of the dark old-age home
Where I had to spend
My last few days.

© Jadida Kalim

Grade 9

Think Only This of Me ~ Mubashir Khan

If I should die think only this of me
I may have not always been there for you
But I was when I could be
Just know I cared

To my family who was always there for me
I will definitely miss you endlessly
To my parents who provided, cared and loved me
All I ask is to not mourn over me

The truth is we all going to die one day
Although we wont know the exact time of day
And even though everyone wants to go to heaven
I know for a fact that nobody wants to die

©  Mubashir Khan

Grade 9

Death ~ Yusra Asmal

If I should die, think only this of me…

I’m as helpless as one can be

I don’t care who or what I leave behind

Because I am leaving this world without a dime.

I’m horrible with people

That’s why this poem will have no sequel

I’m afraid of dying

But I won’t leave without trying.

I will do what I believe to be right

And never give up without a fight.

My dear mother please forgive me

For I have wronged you more than you and I can see.

My honourable father please trust me

For in this world I will try to honour thee.

Brother, you know everything I do

So before I leave, just know… I love you.

My fantastic friends I have to say

This friendship will have to end, one day

When I leave this world please try to remember…

Time waits for no man, and no one lives forever.

©  Yusra Asmal

Grade 9

Saturday, 14 May 2016

If I Should Die ~ Natasha de Jong

just think of me with smiles
remember how much I love you
and hold my memory in your heart
and please don't shed your tears

remember that I loved the lord
I did what God wanted me to do
I lived life to the fullest
and my days have been fulfilled

©  Natasha de Jong

There Is More ~ Siddhi Singh

If I should die,
Think only this of me.
Her life was never wasted,
Her dreams alive and free.

Our bodies are all just vessels,
Carrying us to our destinies.
The love that we share, our dreams
That's all we'll ever need.
What we leave on this earth
It's still alive
Our legacy,
Ideas and truth.
We are still loved by our loved ones
And we love them too.

My empty vessel has left,
My dreams still alive and true.

©  Siddhi Singh

Grade 9

What I Left Behind ~ Gcwali Khoza

If I should die, think only this of me
I was human
I was never as brave as I wanted to be
I couldn't end world hunger or go into outer space
I couldn't save the world
I was just one face, one girl

I was human
I could run as far, jump as high and sing as loud
create new worlds, explore vast lands
and fight with a golden sword at hand
I was a human and in was proud
If I should die
then so be it

©  Gcwali Khoza

Grade 9

Reminiscence of Me ~ Bulelwa Msomi

If I die think this of me
I came and saw what I had too see
Gained the knowledge, enough to know what I wanted to be
And hoped to live long enough to live the dream

I lived with regrets
All constructed by fear
But now I can forget
Now this I can bare

My hopes to have brought you a smile
That could last a mile
Be especially seen 
As it came from a heart at peace

If I die think only this of me
That it was once we
But now its you
So go fulfill ,what you set out to do

©  Bulelwa Msomi

Grade 9

The Battle Ended ~ Erin van Niekerk

If I should die, think only this of me.
That I did my deeds,
But my battle is done.
With all the medals I have won.
I lie in the sun,
As the blood runs
I know it is the end of the song
As the sense of death is strong
I know my battle is ended
As I am descended
Down into the ground 

© Erin van Niekerk

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Mehnaz Jamil

If I should die think only this of me,
The legacy I left was only meant to be.
My passion was to love
When there was only hate.
I want to be the girl who inspired to accomplish,
To ignite the spark of capabilities
And to encourage happiness and gratefulness.
Someone who strived towards happiness
To help overcome evocative fears.
The girl who inspired to love
And loved to inspire.

©   Mehnaz Jamil

Grade 9

If I Were Different ~ Sajna Ramdin

If I should die, think only this of me.
I was different.
I didn't have naturally straight hair.
Or rosy cheeks.
My eyes never shined like the night sky.
My skin never glowed like gold.
My face was never painted with make up.
I was not a girly girl.
But I was not a tom boy either.
Nobody stared when I walked in.
I was different.
I liked old rock music.
I enjoyed looking at life from a different perspective.
I thought of myself as being a rebel.
My favourite colours are navy blue and grey.
I rather spend time having coffee with my grandparents
Than drinking and smoking with friends.
My favourite moments are those spent with dogs.
I was different.
And I was okay with that.

©  Sajna Ramdin

Grade 9

When I'm Gone ~ Viyanka Moodley

If I should die, think only this of me
I am only me, that's all that I can  be
Nothing more, nothing less

I embraced life, I loved, I laughed and cried
I'm not perfect I do have my faults

Remember me for my contradictions, me shyness and confidence 
Courage, honesty and determination was everything to me

Remembrance of my weird and crazy self
As well as my caring and generous side will be hard to forget

I hope that those dear to me inherit a wealth of memories
and moments shared

Remember me for what I'm worth 
My values and personality
Not by what I have said or done

© Viyanka Moodley

Grade 9

If I Should Die ~ Jessica Gibbons

If I should die, think only this of me
Actually I don't want you to think of me.
I don't want you to be unhappy,
Me leaving is your new beginning.
Pick up your broken pieces,
And put yourself back together.

In life I loved you,
And in death I still love you.
You have a special place in my heart,
No other could ever fill.

But now take a step back from my grave,
And do not cave,
Say your last words and leave,
And never look back.
Do not cry, as that is not what I want.

I want you to be happy,
I want you to find another
And love her as you loved me,
When you find her,
Never let her go, as you did with me.

I could say millions of things to you,
But simply all I want to say is:
If I should die, never think of me again

©  Jessica Gibbons

Grade 9

If I Should Die, Think Only This of Me ~ Anelisa Mbali

If I should die, think only this of me
Remember my beautiful brown eyes,
which were filled with love,
my sublime smile that made your world alright,
my loud voice that anchored to the heavens and back,
my gorgeous lips that mmmmmh...

If I should die, think only this of me
I was human, I made mistakes, I wasn't perfect.
I was born to live and love, to bring happiness
and joy to people's lives
and not to bring sorrow, pain, depression and misery.

If I made you cry, my darling, I'm sorry
from the bottom of my heart.
If I should die,
my journey ends here.
Just know that
I'm going to a better place.

© Anelisa Mbali

Grade 9