A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why am I Happy? ~ Fezokuhle Nkehli

why am i happy , do you ask ?
well from the breath the Lord has breathed in me
to the sun that shines upon thee
the early morning air that creeps and shows compassion to those asleep
and brings calmness to those risen

why am i happy , do you still dare to ask me?
with my heart filled with overwhelming joy
from those whose names mean happiness and therefore is happiness
the body i dream to see in reality but shall remain pixelated
though when the wind of August stops into the Day of the first
shall my heart arrive from pixels but now to a physical
and greater joy shall be instilled

why am i happy ? i will tell you why .
the two which apart of me to form three
the two which words and faces comfort me to their familiarity
the laughter that bursts so loud that the moon hears and cracks into three
the three musketeers , my ladies, my girls the woman i shalt never leave

why am i happy ?
it is simple i happy because happiness is within me
and brought out by the wonders the Lord has blessed me with

now that is why i am Happy.

©  Fezokuhle Nkehli

Grade 11


  1. A super sweet poem that instill a happiness in others. Thanks. K.

  2. What a joy it was to read this poem, from the first beautiful lines to the last. Wow. Your poem of happiness warms my heart.

  3. Beautiful message. This is my favorite line: "the body i dream to see in reality but shall remain pixelated"


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