A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Prodigal Son ~ Siyabonga Dlamini

Tribute to Siphe Ndimande

Brother,we can never express how we currently feel
Our tears may run out, but our hearts shall never heal
You understood all, brought joy where you could
But I guess you found yourself misunderstood
Throughout your life, bless all the friends that you gained
But even a smile can hide so much pain
Your healing smile, laughter resonating in our heads
But I guess your soul had to be put to bed
The lips can never say what the mind wishes to
All the memories, all you've been through
Our minds are in constant chaos,yet we remain speechless
You will forever be with us until the end
Because to us you were more than just a friend...

© Siyabonga Dlamini

Grade 12

Reflection ~ Naadir Vorajee

As I stand here, in the nude
reflections from my unnamed mood
thoughts of pressures work I see
sprouting grey hairs from within me.

Wonder I, when I will be done
for many days are absent the sun...
Look myself, see thy face,
Those eyes and ears, that brain do I brace.
That brain that moans for fortunes taste
that makes me write... why I time waste?

I wonder what my stars behold
for sessions have I of fortunes been told...
I stand before 20 years a book
and ponder at the steps I took...
If, left were right and right were left,
To this point would I still get?

Why can't I look at myself
and see the happened in the now?
Choose my path and rechoose the route
to make the ideal reason of suite?

©  Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013

This is What We Are! ~ Naadir Vorajee

Run away and take my good,
your hopes and dreams you'll find...
Fly away and take what's mine!
Your Hopes and Dreams you'll bind...

You came to me with N O T H I N G
and sorry eyes I saw
You came to me with N O T H I N G
but true happiness I watered and bore.

I taught you what I knew
and showed what I'd learnt.
I held your heart inside my hand
but now you leave me b u r n t...

I helped you through your hardship
and made you build a fort
I asked for your help in return...
you told me - "life's too short!"

Now you stand there P-R-O-U-D and TALL,
your achievements you have grasped!
here I stand all old and small
the happiness I once clasped.

I needed help and looked to you...
You showed me to the door.
You needed help and looked to me,
I was only glad to give more.

Life's unfair, it's cold an cruel.
It makes you feed your own.

It takes the warmth from deep within us
It shivers us to the bone...

©  Naadir Vorajee

Matriculant 2013