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Friday, 11 September 2015

Nhlakanipho Magasela ~ Two Poems

I was Bitten

In the trees of birds
Slithery and sticky as Satan
A snake is my rival opponent, adversary, enemy
Dangerously the snake slides away
It was black as coal
Just as it slid and rattled its tail
It turned back and looked at me
Just then it moved towards me and attacked me
It left me with a mouth that can’t say any words



In our beautiful city
Stood our beautiful twin towers
As the people in the city were proud
Suddenly I saw planes going to our towns
As it was in the dark sky
People ran in fear to cry for their loved ones
Boom the pale went
It crashed into the beautiful twin towers as they collapsed
The city lost its electricity

© Nhlakanipho Magasela

Grade 8

1 comment:

  1. These are both so well done.
    "Trespassers" touches me deeply, especially with the many ways "The city lost its electricity." Your words go way beyond your years. I hope you will continue writing.


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