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Monday, 20 October 2014

Yuktha Singh ~ This Poem is a Painting, a Ball and a Boomerang

This poem is an abstract painting.
This poem is a ping- pong ball.
This poem is a boomerang!
This poem is an optical illusion to your mind,
It keeps you thinking and thinking…
It is a web of many paths, views and legends.
Each step can either construct, leading you on to more paths
Or destruct, ending your journey before it even begins.
This poem is an abstract painting.

This poem is a white ping-pong ball
Which bounces past your eyes
Before you even know it.
White, yet so colourful,
Empty and hollow yet so full.
The rhythm of that ping-pong ball compels you
To wrap your mind around it and focus.
Its ultimate aim- to entertain
This poem is a ping-pong ball.

This poem is a boomerang
That will always come back to you,
Despite everything else.
It moves at the speed of sound and
Just when you think it’s slowing down,
It never loses its momentum.
It finds any possible ways to turn around
So that it doesn’t collide into the ground.
When you feel like you are going down,
Losing momentum like the boomerang does-
This poem will come back to you.

This poem is an abstract painting that tangles your mind.
This poem is a simple, yet complicated ping-pong ball.
This poem is the boomerang that never loses momentum!

© Yuktha Singh


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  1. You really went all out with this poem, Yuktha. Each stanza offers a new insight into how we should read poetry. I especially love your description of the boomerang properties of poems - they really do come back to the reader, over and over through life.


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