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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Valentina Blinoff ~ Why Is It Me?

A world full of people,
And I only have a few friends.
A world full of people, who hate me…
And I don’t know the reason.

Is it wrong to love people?
Is it wrong to want them…
To love you back?
Is it wrong to try to make friends?

Why am I lonely?
Lonely in this big world.
Why does everyone hate me?
Why I have no one?

I try to do my best.
I try to be nice.
I try to not be mean.
I try to not talk.

I try to not be rude.
I try to listen too.
I try to do the impossible.
And nothing has worked out.

I can’t understand what it is.
Did I make a mistake?
Did I offend someone?
But none will tell.

I want to make it better…
I only make it worst.
I have only one question:
Why is it me?

It is weird how
Good people end up bad,
Bad people end up good.
Did this ever happen to you?

I just don’t want it.
I don’t want to live like this
But I cannot show them,
Show them how I feel.

I have to be strong,
Even if I can’t.
I have to carry on,
Even if it’s hard.

But it looks impossible.
It looks very hard.
Why is it me?
I have to answer it.

© Valentina Blinoff


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  1. I am sure many readers could relate to the sense of alienation you express in this poem. The only answer I can give is that this is often the way for sensitive people who feel deeply the cruelty and carelessness of society. It's not you - it's them.


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