A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Yuktha Singh ~ The Scintillating Night Sky

An eternal, shimmering night sky,
Like a stunning damsel dancing,
Glittering under the moonlight.
It’s the scintillating night sky.

The sparkling stars- her twinkling eyes.
They make our night lives brighter,
more livelier.
It’s the dazzling night sky that seems to go beyond our eyes.

The big, bright, beaming ball-
This is the moon way above us all.
It’s a glittering disco globe which dances and prances,
Beneath the scintillating night sky.

Her round, rosy cheeks are as red and perfect as Mars.
Her gorgeous, luscious lips are like the crescent moon.
It’s the entertaining night sky into which we stare
And sometimes even lose ourselves in.

The eternal night sky is like a thick, black blanket
With dazzling diamante scattered on her nightgown.
As for the cherry on the top, her dainty pearls that twinkle so subtly.
This is the eternal, shimmering night sky that goes beyond our imagination.

© Yuktha Singh


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