A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pryaska Goorhoo ~ Two Poems


A big adventure?
An exciting rollercoaster ride?
Who knows?
Who really has the answer of what life is?
Is there someone who has the answer?
That ultimate answer of what life really means?
Is it about the happy gathering or the terrible mishaps?
Who knows what going to happen next?
A tsunami, maybe?
A volcano, whirlwind or cyclone?
The only most realistic answer that I can think of is-No!
Nobody knows what going to happen next.
No one can ultimately predict the future,
The happy gatherings,
Or the terrible mishaps?
Life is there to be lived!
Not to be wrapped up in bubble plastic and put on a shelf.
Don’t go around thinking that you know
What’s going to happen next because you don’t!
People didn’t know in the past,
People don’t know now
And finally, people will not know in the future.

© Pryaska Goorhoo


Dear cousin, brother, sister, mother and dad…

Dear cousin, brother, sister, mother and dad,
I know I am not the little girl you once had.

From taking my first steps to my first day at school.
You were all with me.
That’s the best thing a girl in this world can be, a beautiful little fool.

I would also like to add,
All the times that I had made you mad.

From keeping you up all night to disobeying you,
You still love me,
No matter what you had to go through.

For having such people in my life
Am I really glad,
Dear cousin, brother, sister, mother and dad…

© Pryaska Goorhoo


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  1. Life is so very complicated, as you have shown, but the support of a loving family makes all the difference.


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