A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nsiki Gwala ~ Dear Heavenly Father

Lord you are my Alpha and Omega.
You feed me, the homeless beggar.
Lord you’re the future and the past,
You’re the first and the last.

The creator of heaven and earth
In you there’s renewal and rebirth.
In you Lord there’s unconditional and eternal love,
Which you have given me from the heavens above.

Lord you’re the author of my life,
Who’ll take away pain, hardship and strife.
You’re my creator - my Messiah,
Who created David, Abraham and Isaiah.

Lord you’ve always been and will always be there,
Through my sorrows, my doubts and despair
And will be there till the end of days -
Lord, surely you’re worthy to be praised.

Lord you’re the father and the protector,
Who doesn’t condone the destroyer and defector.
A God who loves the world so
To let his one and only son go

That those who believe, be freed from pain
And in heaven be born again.
Lord with you I will perish never,
For I will live in your house forever.

© Nsiki Gwala


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