A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dillin Clarke ~ Thank You, God

For sending me such a wonderful
person to my lonely way
A person that tells me ' I LOVE YOU '
Such a truthful person that could
never betray!
Will it be enough to thank you God
For this gift everyday whenever I

Thank you God
For sending me the sweetest girl
That makes me always feel so happy..
always feel so high
That tells me so many love words
that can make me fly
A person that I really trust
And know will never let me down or
say goodbye!

Thank you God.. It is never enough to
thank you
till forever.. to thank you till I die

Thank you God
For sending me this treasure
It is not silver.. It is not gold
It is not the way I get things
It is just being with the person I love
this is my endless pleasure

Thank you God
For sending me my perfect match
that came to open my heart
And break it's ancient locked latch

Thank you God
For sending me someone so very real
Someone that treats me so right
that knows how to deal
I've always dreamed of someone

For my deep wounds to tenderly heal
How could I thank you God? !
How could I prove that I'm so very

For giving me such a lovely person
that made all my life so beautiful
That lovely person that I appreciate
Is YOU.. my love

Thank you for being there
Thank you God for making her there
I know ' Thank You ' is just two small
words to say

That doesn't seam to be enough
But it holds so many meanings
so many hidden feelings

I love you
I really do

© Dillin Clarke


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