A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Nsiki Gwala ~ Snapshots

I’ll never forget 

I’ll never forget on your wrist that silver clock
Shining like the green light on Daisy’s dock.
I’ll never forget those blue-green eyes,
full of curiosity as if in search for a surprise.
I’ll never forget that sweet smile
That made the whole world wait a while.
I’ll never forget the person who you are,
Because you’ll always be my bright and shining star.


I do believe in fairies

I do believe in fairies,
Those that float invisibly over the prairies
With beautiful, glittering wings
Like the gold and treasure of many kings.

I do believe in fairies,
Those that eat wild, black berries.
With the speed of lightning they fly,
Spreading  the star-dust through the night sky.

Though the opinion’s of people still varies
The truth still stands- I do believe in fairies.


Last night I had a dream

Last night I had a dream
Of a beautiful place it did seem.
I saw green pastures and blue skies
And felt the true love that never dies.
I saw a beautiful ship sailing by,
While hearing the mysterious noise of nature’s sigh.
I  saw the blue birds floating about with grace
Like the look on a beautiful lover’s face.
Last night I had a dream
Of a beautiful place it did seem
And that place I saw last night at eleven
Was a glimpse into God’s beautiful heaven.


Because of Me

Because of me are the skies grey,
Making the world so cold,
Eliminating memories of day.

Because of me are all the dreams lost,
Completely faded in the distance,
Abandoned and in nowhere tossed.

Because of me is love do hateful,
Full of jealousy, secrecy,
So envious, dangerous- ungrateful.

Because of me there’s no tomorrow.
No happiness, no joy,
Just sadness and sorrow.

Because of me is what I see:
Hardship and suffering-
All because of me.

All poems © Nsiki Gwala


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