A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Michaela Tommy ~ Sound Bites


Red, the
colour of his
infinite and burning
passion, felt from within his heart.


Her body lay
amongst the white lilies
closing her eyes she freed herself.


Her laugh was loud but her tears were silent.
The darkness inside was omnipotent.
She worked hard so no one would notice it,
the memories of her dear lutenist.

That rascal who serenaded her heart
in the beauty of fine musical art.
It had not last long and her love was spent.
He mattered, she was irrelevant.


Happiness abounds
in her soul
longing to enslave
someone with its redeeming
factors: Love, Life, Laughter.


You were my reason
my first choice
my breath, life, laughter
my everything but a piece
that remained untouched.


At the age of sixteen
my life seems like a dream.
Don't know the meaning of love
just know its a gift from above.
I met a fairy-tale prince
been rocking my world since
Maybe our souls would weave
and as one body we would breathe.

Getting you

Sell my soul to the devil for a dollar or a penny
After a dime or two maybe you'd be mine, baby.
Capturing your attention like a falling star
Maybe your just plastic and need a new car

© Michaela Tommy


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