A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Nsiki Gwala ~ Is Your Life Really Tough?

Is it?
Is your life really tough,
Unpredictable and extremely rough?

Is it a journey going nowhere?
A journey vanishing in utter despair,
Just because you failed your Maths Test
Even though you tried your best?

Just because your boyfriend dumped you
And left you miserable and blue?
Just because you don’t wear the highest heels
Or don’t know what being high feels?

Just because you didn’t get your favourite food
Or just got detention for being rude?
Just because your house isn’t a mansion
And is in desperate need of an expansion?

But what about those who have no hope,
Yet hang on to life with a single rope?
Those that have never gone to school
And have been made the world’s fool.

Those that have been used by every girl and guy
And have been dumped alone in the street to cry?
Those that would kill to wear any shoes on their feet?
Those that rummage in bins for food to eat?

Those whose lives are ruined by a drug addiction
And wish their life-story was fiction?
Those that don’t have a roof over their head
And have never experienced sleeping on a bed?

Is your life unpredictable and extremely rough?
Is your life truly tough?
Is it?

© Nsiki Gwala


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