A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 20 October 2014

Shweta Singh ~ Two Poems

The Wintery Wizard 

He visits us around April, May
It’s very true to say
His face is white snow
His hands and limbs are thin bare branches

He cast his icicle wands
In hope to freeze a million ponds
She showers the ground with soft candy floss snow
And that’s the Wintery Wizard I know

© Shweta Singh


The Time Has Arrived

The time has arrived
Crystal blue waters
today is sunny
Come to the beach buddy
We’ll take a selfie
Just you and me

The time has arrived
The sunset has awakened us
This anticipation
Calls for a celebration

Play on the music
Drink the bottle to the last
We gonna have a blast

Your love…that’s all I need, bae

There be you and me
At the sea side, the sound of water
Take me into your arms, what you’re waiting for
Then to a lovely yacht
And we’ll be drunk after as few Malibu shots

The time has come
The night is colorful
Let’s make it meaningful

© Shweta Singh


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