A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Latifah ~ Love Story

Why did he go
It's hurting her so
Her heart is in pain each day
Since the time he went away

She drowns in her tears
Couldn't believe her ears
Now he is flying like a bird
Is it the truth she heard

Is he really gone
It will be so hard for her to move on
But he came back to her in a dream
She saw him and screamed

He calmly said don't be afraid
There's always one thing I'd made
I did make you happy till the end
And now its a gift I send

From heaven above
I will always be your love
She smiled and looked into his face
Her heart is no more a lonely place

She asked if he would stay forever
He sadly said "Wish I could but never"
If you heard the news around the hour eleven
That was the time I went to heaven

With tears in her eyes
she hope it's all lies
"But you wouldn't do a thing such
I loved you so much..."

"Yes, love stays on earth
If God let us fly like a bird
Theres nothing we can do
Even though I loved you"

Something became strange
Her emotion changed
She looked everywhere
But hes no more there

For her love so near
And suddenly disappear
Made no sense
And it made her tense

Again she end up crying
Wish to sleep and end up dying
To meet him again
And have no more pain

The moral, happiness is but a dream
but pain is a true reality
No matter how good it seem
It just changes your mentality

© Latifah


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