A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Nsiki Gwala ~ This poem is the sky, a flower and the sea

This poem is the blue sky.
This poem is a blooming flower.
This poem is the cold sea.

This poem is the blue ocean above.
God’s gift of life to the living,
Where bird’s swim so fearlessly and freely
Like a dry autumn leaf sinking swiftly to the dry land.
Earth’s peaceful and heavenly place
Where the ground is but a grotesque memory.
This poem is the blue sky.

This poem is the florescent flower of life.
A rebirth of indefinite opportunities,
With a delicate promise of hope and revival.
This is life’s rare moment that captures hearts and souls-
A true vision of a brighter tomorrow
That renews all shattered dreams.
This poem is a blooming flower.

This poem is a vast, aquamarine sea.
An ice-cold blanket that hugs the earth
Like a blizzard on a freezing winter’s day,
With jaws that have munched on rocky cliffs
And murdered innocent lives.
The giver of life for those near it-
This poem is the cold sea.

This poem is the heavenly, blue sky.
This poem is a florescent blooming flower.
This poem is the endless cold sea.

© Nsiki Gwala



  1. Ah.. so effective.. the poem subtly repeats the message of beauty and nature.. I can feel the blue sky in your words (looking at the dreary grey)

  2. Wow--this poem really moved me. It encompasses so much--good and bad, glorious and painful--and that is the way the heart is, isn't i. Thanks! k.

  3. This poem is the cycle of life - giving and taking away - but always with a reason, and I like to think, compassion.

  4. I love your line about the blizzard with jaws that have munched on rocky cliffs. A great visual!

  5. Such beautiful writing! I love the boomerang metaphor form and you have executed it so well. Your imagery is very beautiful, and reading this poem really lifted my heart.

  6. Your use of descriptive words, adjectives and adverbs, makes this piece quite powerful and more interesting to the reader.

  7. I love the idea of "a florescent blooming flower." I adore the promise of the old and the new, of the things that are and the ones that only exist in the surreality of our imaginations (and underwater). ♥

  8. What a beautiful poem! The circle of life is wonderfully illustrated. Keep writing!


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