A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Amina Moola ~ Every Little Bit Helps

Butterflies, bees and birds,
So lovely they were I heard.
Flying through the beautiful blue sky,
Hundreds of colourful birds no lie.
I heard about the cheetah so fast,
Before you could blink he past.
And what about the elephant so large
He couldn’t fit in my granddad's garage.
O and my gran told me about the whale
It was about a hundred feet from head to tail.
How I wish I could have seen them all
From the little bee to the giraffe so tall.
I feel so sad and want to cry
Because people do not worry
About the birds and the beautiful blue sky.
They chop down trees and forests too,
They never worried about what that could do.
The air was thick and full of smoke,
All the poor animals could do was choke.
Until, finally all the animals were gone
Our pollution killed them all before the next dawn.
So pick up your papers and your tins and throw them in your bin.
Every little bit goes a long way to make tomorrow a better day!

© Amina Moola


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