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Untitled (Three Poems) ~ Vriti Maharaj


She dug deep into her soul
searching for hope and for light
but all she found was anger, heartbreak and teenage angst
how did that cheerful spirit transform into a black pit of nothing?

It is said the cocoon is merely a facade because great things are coming
she believed her wings would come
that it would arrive just when she felt as if she were to reach the bottom of the black pit.

She waited anxiously for her wings to arrive
to save her from her spirit being destroyed
she found no joy in anything anymore

Just when she kept falling
her wings spread out and carried her
she found hope
her soul was full of light
Illuminated .

Her wings carried her higher and higher out of the black pit
she could see the sunlight growing closer and closer
and just as she escaped the pit out into the open
she discovered that she was and will always be
a butterfly warrior.

A butterfly warrior who waits patiently for the good to arrive
who appears ugly in a coccoon
transforms and spreads their beautiful wings and flies.


She smiled, a smile full of teeth
her eyes hid the deepest darkest secrets
her heart felt the most pain
her laugh masked her worst emotions and fears
her hands fought struggles of pain.

Who is this girl?
The girl that talks the most
the girl that you think whose life is perfect
the girl whose parents died but are still alive
the girl who struggles to succeed.

She is the one who hides behind her loud personality and corny jokes
she is is the one who never leaves your side
she is the one who seems so intelligent and mature
she is the one that you think is so beautiful..
but she will never know.

She was a beautiful broken soul
who struggled to find her place in this world
who could not find the strength to succeed
she was the girl who fought battles at home, in her heart and on her mind
she lost her battles at school and kept drowning and drowning.

Who is this girl?

The same girl you thought had it all
money, looks, intelligence
the same girl who you thought had a handsome boyfriend
the same girl who seemed to be so bubbly.

This girl never let it show
she stumbled and fell
but always picked herself up
dusted herself off
and stood back up bold and strong.

But this girl
shes weak yet so strong
so happy yet so sad
so intelligent yet so lackadaisical.

I hope that she is rewarded
for her courage
her inner strength
her good heart
her love
her grace
her personality
and most importantly
for never giving up.


She sang a melody of words whenever you were near
her heart beat a calypso rhythm
her smile lit up her face
her eyes twinkled

Yet you still chose to leave her
you left behind her love
her care
her golden heart

©  Vriti Maharaj

Grade 11


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