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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

This Empty Place & Other Poems ~ Uvir Govender

This Empty Place

Silence......just silence fills the air,
not a single cloud or flower in sight.
But nothing......just nothing,
That's how I feel everyday.

All I can think is why,
why of all people did I end up here.
Just the thought makes my cry,
Yet hear I am in great fear

Many have the luxury of not being in this place,
Sadly its the only place I can call home.
Why is the world so cruel to my face,
Is something you will o my see in the dark dome.

Day in and out all I think is,
Will someone love me for who I am?
Can i have my own family to love?
Do I mean something to anyone?

Till I find the answers to those questions,
I'll just sit in the darkness all alone.

One Word

In all my life I've seen it all,
From the sunsets on a winter's day.
To climbing the great wall,
Yet something is missing in a way.

You think you have it all....but you realise,
that your destiny has yet to begin.
Only when you look I side I what lies,
may just be the greatest thing you will ever find.

The word is a strange place,
filled with mishaps and odd fates.
A word you must see to believe,
may be closer than you think.

That feeling is not fake nor stupid,
a feeling most do not see.
But of you take that word to heart,
It will show you what your mean to be.

That word...... is one strange thing,
but it makes the birds sing.
Cause when you find that special someone,
You will realise what it means to love.

A Broken Heart

When that moment comes to place,
I can feel my world just break.
Nothing seems so painful to face,
but the smile you see which is only fake.

She came into my life ,
and made me happy for a while.
Yet in the end it just didn't win so well,
all I did was just walking for a mile.

I just think I deserve nothing,
after all the pain I brought to those I love.
For someone who hurt my everything,
making me live like a broken dove.

So many have found there one,
but my one was just a lie.
My body feels like giving in,
and just let myself die.

All I want is my soul saved ,
from the pain and suffering I faced.
Just in a swift and fast wave,
I just passed.

Nothing could mend,
my sad broken heart.

©  Uvir Govender

Grade 9

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