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Faceless: Five poems by Uwais Coetzee


She flowed on thoughts of others,
never thinking on her own.
She'd always ask for opinions.
Alone she would never have flown.
She would always seek approval
in the yeses of another.
If she were at home
she'd simply ask her mother.
"Is this dress fine?" "Is my makeup good?"
"Do I look nice today?"
She relied on others for hope and smiles.
She'd have it no other way.
She wore the faces of others.
Showing her true self to no one.
She followed the crowd , like part of the herd,
if they ran , she would run.
She told no one of her inner struggles
and left the nest to fly.
But in her 18 years , she had learned nothing,
she realized with a sigh.
By following the crowd you only learn
how to run away from the truth.
Now she was seeing her real self,
like the photos from a photo booth.
She had no more friends , she was alone,
everyone had walked their own way.
She was lost, confused , because she
never lead the pack a single day.
She wore the faces of others.
Never revealing her face to the sun.
Always in the shadows of the rest,
until she picked up the gun.
It was her funeral , she was alone
and no one but the pastor came.
She was buried under a blank tombstone,
because nobody knew her name.


As the light disappears
And the darkness is what you embrace.
No sight , no views all that's left
Is feeling on the darkness' face.

I learned from Dumbledore that
Happiness is found when we turn on the light.
But sometimes the light is gone and nothing is in sight.

When something is lost
all that's left is a hole.
No remembrance, no nothing.
Just the darkness of your soul.

When you lose all feeling
and your heart becomes lame.
You will say:"I was in the darkness,
so the darkness I became."


He ran away from everything.
Feelings , emotions and life.
He took no responsibility.
He worried about no strife.
He ran and ran and left his home,
learning only how to escape.
He left all remembrance of his old life behind.
And only had his ignorance as his cape.
His ignorant bliss was a skill to master,
that most still needed to learn.
He escaped in a cold, hard shell
but for warmth he started to yearn.
He longed for love and the experience it brought
and strangely the worries too.
He had went along, experiencing no pleasures
and knew only that the sea was blue.
His empty life had left him alone
and needed to find "The One".
But he knew nobody.  He was alone.
Because he was always on the run.
One day he decided to stop and look
at the mess his lifestyle had made.
He looked around , his troubles were there,
and weren't soon going to fade.
The moral of his life was don't run away
for you simply will never thrive.
You wouldn't want to become like him ,
who's troubles Buried him alive.

Dark Sky

Thrown into this world
without an ounce of consideration.
It must learn how to fly or
face eternal damnation.
"Learn how to fly." Mother bird said
"Or you'll get eaten by the cat."
"Fly or die." is what she meant.
What kind of love is that?
Here I stand, watching this bird
get thrown into life today.
Kicked from its home, made to fend alone
in the cold harsh month of May.
Smiling to herself because she was free,
the mother didn't even care.
Flying alone , I saw it cry
because life simply wasn't fair.
Here I stand, watching it disappear.
Slowly I watch it die.
Flying alone, flying into nothingness.
Flying into the Dark Sky.


We don't live forever.
People do die.
Time continues ,
It simply skates by.
We lose track of our time
or rather it leaves us behind.
We spend our time doing stupid things
But soon enough we'll find
that time has passed
and we are older
having regrets for not being bolder.
We lose our youth
too fast to contemplate,
'Time has passed at
an alarming rate'.
We lost the chance
to spend time together
because we wasted time
that is gone forever.
Now the tables have turned
like the hands on a clock
and we know only
the last tick tock.
If I could go back to
spend my time with you
I'd choose a simple amount
Eternity , times two.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11


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