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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Beach of Wisdom & Other Poems ~ Uvir Govender

The Beach of Wisdom

That feeling you get when you see it,
is a feeling I can't describe.
The scene is just like heaven,
for millions to see like a United tribe.

To run on the gentle sand,
the electrified atmosphere of happy children.
The place where is never bland,
just like a cold ice cone.

People may say its dangerous,
but what's the point in living without a few risks.
Just be aware of the blue sea,
The crabs get a bit frisky.

Many can say the beach is for all,
no matter who or where you come from.
The beauty is not the destination but the dreams it creates,
just look into the sea you'll find you future reality in a flash.

True Fate

Making my downtown through the pain of a heartbreak,
Yet somehow is so fake.
What can do to ease the sorrow,
But fall into a deep hollow.

But if I could fall into the night,
Will you be my shining light.
To light my world with so my hope,
So I can just cope.

Through day and night your on my mind,
Oh how I give it all To be with you my love.
I'd search the ends of the earth,
To find you my white dove.

This world will never make you wait,
You never know what it may bring.
But it may just fate,
That incredible thing.

My Heaven

Many think that heaven is nothing,
only an image in one's mind.
Some with technology,
or the modern way of living.

So you ask yourself what is heaven,
yet many have not the slightest clue what it is.
But for the few who do find it,
it is truly a God sent gift.

That heaven brings so much into your life,
it makes everything seem like nothing.
Cause with your heaven everything will be okay,
it's cause heaven is real.

Yes everyone had different heavens,
I know I have mine.
And that heaven is my life...
the thing that keeps me going,
the driving force in my life.

That heaven is love,
love is my one and only heaven.

©  Uvir Govender

Grade 9

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