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The Deceiver & Other Poems ~ Bridget Machepha

The Deceiver

when one goes crazy and crazy losing their minds
in the comfort of their deceivers hands, he
smiles and says "hey" he knows that he just
plunged the dagger deeper into the crusts of
your soul. here is no tuning back to the empty
shadows of what was but you have to walk into
the emptiness of what is in the now moments of
dark eyed demons of your future with the
deceiver your one true love! or so you thought....
run into bright light of nothingness!

No Fool

what's pain without experience, to sit and think
about the components that made up your life
and the hardships that rather destroyed your
past, remolding your present was the thing of
the future but now grab that wrecking ball with
two fingers and gently lay it down on the already
wrecked platform of what already is your today
and your tomorrow ran for the hills of no return.
she would lookup and all she saw was betrayal
not from me, no but the abuser ... him. who is
this he that lured me in then justified his name
and abused the victim of which is the darker
outline of my shadows. when he fell he dragged
me down with him but in reality he never touched
that ground but i, i didn't touch it either but i
hang by the thread of his jacket, afraid to let my
toes touch the hot ground of his lies... just so
that i could sink deep into the waters of his
promises.i wish i never believed him... he called
me his soldier... and so i thought what dignity
does a soldier have if he goes down without a
battle. i played the fool...for did he know that one
acts like a fool to fool the fool who thought they
trying to fool you!


OK so I sit with him, he sits with me yet we not
sitting together. For the invisible barrier that not
only stretches across between us but surrounds
us making connection almost existent. You know
you think you've conquered everything just
because you think you fooled the foolishness
within me. Newsflash one can never fool another
but can show how foolish they really are by
playing the protector, the commander, by being
the one person you thought has your back. Now
that is pure stupidity... Betrayal and an act of
nothing more than proving the monster that eats
away your toes and hands just to spit it all in
your heart leaving it wasted and rotten. That's
when one starts to realize, what good can come
from that!?! You see good things are not only
given to you but they too chose you! You claim
to be His, are you truly... You say you different
from them, really now? You decided to put that
difference under your pillow hoping to find it the
next morning forgetting that putting it aside
made you one of them. You are now the abuser.
wearing a mask will never be enough to hide the
smirk of deception your once so innocent little
blurred out face possessed
The abuser will abuse and the abused will
conquer... You wait and see!!!

© Bridget Machepha



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