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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Magician: Five Poems by Uwais Coetzee

The Magician

She used tricks to escape her problems
Day in and day out.
They never disappeared though.
They were there without a doubt.
Tricking children into thinking
rabbits came from hats.
Seeing their shocked faces
while sitting on mats.
Teaching them that things disappeared
and completely vanished from sight.
Giving them smiles ,as it took away a her own
and she slowly lost her light.
She deteriorated as life went on
and slowly withered away.
Yet smiling for the children ,
keeping them oblivious for another day.
Her regular show never happened one day,
to the parents it slowly became clear.
She went out like a true Magician,
she made her life disappear.

The Thief

He stole everything from others.
Never using his own.
It all started back when he had
to fend for himself alone.
He was left to figure life out
without any assistance.
Abandoned to find his
own existence.
He stole everything from possession
To names and words.
He once stole a pet, a child's
Canary bird.
Nobody knew his name.
So he stole that too.
He was saying solo team
And never had a crew.
One day he disappeared.
Gone without a trace.
Nobody could report a thing.
He stole their memories of his face.

The World

There is a whole world behind your eyes,
that no one but you can explore.
The seas and oceans, mountains and rivers
Are yours right down to the core.
The only access point
Are through those eyes of yours.
Many times , to no avail have I
Tried to see the world through those doors.
They say curiosity killed the cat
But the cat lives in there too.
All your memories , all your feelings,
all the things that make you , you.
The world is mostly water ,
I guess that's why your eyes are blue.
People don't see it , the world you have,
The walk past without a clue.
The curiosity I have right now
makes me the cat today,
inquisitive , relentless pursuit,
It keeps me from staying away.
To know a person you have to know
the world behind their eyes.
I stare into yours to learn about your world
before it inevitably dies.

Things Unseen

People believe I'm what they can see,
what they can touch , like trees , plush and green.
I do it too , yes me.
Not believing things unseen.

We think we know it all
at this age of sixteen
Trying to differentiate what's real or not.
Never believing in things unseen.

Believe in the unknown.
Believe in what's out of your sight.
Believe in all things
that aren't touched by light.

Believe in the invisible
from this age of sixteen.
Believe in it all.
Believe in Things Unseen


The path to love
is filled with obstacles
that one has to accept and move on.
But how can one move on when
the obstacle that blocks ones path
is the love that one shall never get in return?

The highway of love is
like a map.
Sometimes the roads only go one way.
Sometimes you never find the treasure.
Sometimes love itself is the obstacle
On the path to finding love.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

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