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New Beginnings: Five Poems by Uwais Coetzee

New Beginnings

The big day was here.
The first day of the rest of your life.
To spend your life with someone.
Down the isle rose petals lay.
Today was your wedding day.
The music began
and you walked down the isle.
You walked with your dad.
Everyone's face had a smile.
Reaching the alter to begin the vows.
To love and to hold.
In sickness and health.
Till death do us part.
I do.
I do.
I do.
I looked into your eyes.
All shiny and blue.
Saw you happy again
starting anew.
Convincing myself it was a beginning
And not the end.
But there you were at the altar.
Marrying my best friend.

Losing You

I lost you.
Not immediately
But definitely, completely,
I lost you while looking elsewhere
I lost you slowly
But all at once.
I saw us losing the connection
we had once before.
I secretly wished that
we had it once more.
I still felt the same.
Right down to my core.
But our distracted conversations
seemed to stay a bore.
I wanted that connection
to return.
Every time I saw you
my heart used to yearn
My mind and soul
used to burn.
Your feelings I
needed to learn
I need you know how you feel
To complete me .
Sadly the statement that is true
Is that I was slowly but surely Losing You.

Losing Myself

The world is ruthless
It tears us apart
Losing parts of us we need
Like a donkey that lost it's cart.
I am no stranger
To the ruthlessness of this place
Becoming emotional cogs ,
Simply becoming another face.
Getting torn apart piece by piece
When we're simply trying to live
Losing all we have until
There's nothing left to give.
Losing ourselves while
Simply trying to survive
Not knowing whether you're
Simply existing or wondering if you're even alive.
We're losing ourselves in our
Very own tears , sweat and blood
Losing individuality in life
Simply part of the ground and mud.
Simply becoming another wave
In the world's sea,
Losing originality.
I'm Losing Me.

Lost Souls

We are all lost
don't know where to go
wandering aimlessly.
What's the choice , yes or no?
Choices have consequences.
It's always right or wrong.
Depending on your decisions in life
The road could be long.
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes
But you made that choice on your own.
It's simply human nature.
No one's fault but your own.
On that day the choice was wrong
But I kept silent and clenched my fist.
With you it was nothing new,
just another bad choice to add to the list.
Things were going well
Until you screamed "Let me drive".
I turned my head to stare at you
and silently prayed to stay alive.
The night was cold and
the road was dark and the lights weren't helping much.
And your infamously terrible driving skills
stacked it all against us as such.
I sat quiet in the back and held
Onto my seat as you said you had it under control.
But I couldn't keep my screams at bay as
we swerved to dodge a pole.
I realized what was happening
After the car had done two rolls.
Wondering if when we die we'll rest
Or simply be Lost Souls.                          

I hope it's not

Everything in life
at some point must go.
But here in these words ,
there's something more to know.
Something different to hear,
something new to see
from those eyes of yours
that see right through me.
If something isn't constant
then change it must.
"Was it true ? Or simply
infatuation-like lust ?"
On that day I walked.
Walked away from you.
That was the last time I stared
into that deep ocean blue.
I hope our paths cross
before we're old and start to rot.
Right now it feels like the end
But I hope it's not.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11


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