A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Monday, 24 April 2017

How I Feel About Her ~ Nzima Mazibuko

When I first saw you, it was like I took a glimpse of heaven itself, your so beautiful that no language in the world can ever explain your beauty, your smile causes the gods of the galaxy to make the stars shine bright, your personality, is like an Angels soul intertwined with the most beautiful wonders of the earth, your heart, so peaceful, just like taking a stroll on the beachside, your body, so thick and beautifully curved, just like the pyramids, you leave people with wonder, of how this extraordinary structure was built. I consider you as fire, a very mysterious desire, but whether you are going to warm my heart or burn it down, I can never foresee it from the start, but believe me when I say,...."I love you " cause as I say this to you, I combine all of my unexplained feelings and bundle them up into 3 words, but all of this is just a poem,.... as I know that you know too, that true love is not determined by words, but by actions

© Nzima Mazibuko

Grade 11

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