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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thoughts Lost: Five poems by Uwais Coetzee

Thoughts Lost

As our paths crossed
For that split second in time
I found myself wondering about you,
lingering thoughts aren't a crime.
We never knew each other ,
and probably never will.
But your side glance into my eyes
made my soul stand still.
Flabbergasted by thoughts
of who you might be,
ran through my mind and
quite frankly consumed all of me.
I couldn't help but wonder,
Did it consume you ?
Did it consume you like it consumed me
as if I had the Spanish flu.
Did it infect your every thought
and control you as a whole?
Did you feel a connection,
like a string between souls?
That's the best description I can give
for when our paths crossed.
But that split second is gone forever
and will simply be Thoughts Lost.

Time Lost

I wanted you to know,
before we went away,
how I felt about you.
It's full moon today

We went to college together.
No more to lose and a world to gain.
My feelings are still inside.
It's full moon again.

My feelings stay hidden.
You found someone unknown.
I lost my chance.
Has the moon grown ?

You lived your life
and in the coffin you lay.
You never knew how I felt.
It was your last full moon today.

Why I said hello

Why I said hello that day
Is a mystery to most
But because I said hello that day
I have rights to boast.
I went against my better nature
When I greeted you
But as the conversation progressed
I fell for that ocean blue.
I wanted to know all about you
And hear no words of goodbyes.
I wanted to sit there , under the stars
But stare only into your eyes.
I wanted to know the real you
Not the fake you that others see,
I wanted to know the '4am' you
that you'd show only to me.
I wanted to know you so well,
and to such a degree,
that before you even open your mouth
it would be like I have a 'You dictionary'.
I wanted to be your soul mate,
your partner wherever you go.
And that , my one and only ,
is why I said hello.


Her eyes told me she was trapped,
trapped inside her mind.
Her eyes spoke the words
that her lips struggled to find.
She came to school with eyes all red.
Her pain was hard to hide.
She was lost with no friends around
and she was dying inside.
She was laughed at for crying in school,
they said that she was weak.
But they did know her struggles
and her pain was at a peak.
I spoke to her one day,
when they all left her again.
All she said was "Thank you,
But I cannot remain."
I looked into her eyes
She smiled and walked away
and she didn't even come to
school the following day.
I went to her house
to see if she was fine.
I went to knock on the door
because the house was not mine.
But the door was open
so I walked right in
and the living room was full
of her grieving kin.
When I saw her in front of me
I knew she'd lost all hope
because there she was in front of me
hanging from a rope.

Not with me

Things in life will be.
Life will play out the way it has to.
Nobody has a choice, not me,
Not you.
People will end up where they will.
Your life will turn out well,
or it could be the latter.
Not your nor I have a choice in the matter.
All you asked was: "Who will I marry?"
Tomorrow brings the answer.
Someone and you were meant to be.
But all along that someone
Wasn't me.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

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