A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 26 May 2018

They won’t even know her name… ~ Meleza Jali

‘Be patient’

‘Simply agree and smile’

‘Try to understand’

These words

These words,  a mantra

These words her song

These words her laws

These words her chains

These words her unending pain

She questions herself

Why does it matter

Why does it bother her

Why, why, why

She searches

Her knees and hands

Scratched and bruised

She searches

Her eyes long tired

Her body  frail

Her soul depleted

… Revelation comes

She’ll tell you why

For it is her identity

For it is her story

For it tells her journey

For it is all she can claim

For it is she

It is her, it is her!

It is all she is

She can no longer be patient

She can no longer just agree and smile

She has understood

Understand that when death arrives

Her name shall be unveiled on the headstone

Understand that when death knocks

Her name shall be called and mourned

Understand that when death enters

Her name is all that shall remain

So write her name

Her name: a Right

Her name: a rite of passage









I am Meleza


Nothing else, just that.

© Meleza Jali

Matriculant 2017

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