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The Black Rose: 4 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

The Black Rose

In a world of red, white and pink
He was The Black Rose,
Destined to be different
From head to toes.
From sky to ground
He was separate from the rest,
He was forced to excel,
He was forced to do his best,
To get the recognition
The others got easily
And he knew he had
To work harder naturally.
To be ahead,
And to be on top
He had to make them wait,
He had to make them stop.
He gained the recognition
And became the one they chose.
He was the only one.
The Black Rose.

If Only

He closed his eyes and wondered:
Would the world still be fine?
If the things that made history
Had changed along the line.
If black was just a colour
And the plague was just a flu
And the ark wasn’t buoyant
And there was always me and you.
If spiders couldn’t kill you
And Hitler hadn’t felt that way
And Da Vinci couldn’t paint,
Would we have met that day?
If tigers had spots,
If Malcom didn’t care
And King hadn’t marched,
Could I still stroke your hair?
If the sea weren’t salty
And the sky weren’t blue
And love was just a feeling,
Would I have you?


Two people,
One with a pen and one with a blade
Each person, however,
Wanted to be saved.
One knew words
And one was without
But each in a way
Was spoken about.
A heart needing love
And one that loved too much
But each one, unfortunately needed saving
As such.
Saving as we all do,
Redemption from the pain
And all we ever do
Is try to stay sane.
A pain is difficult to escape
When it’s inside your head,
When it’s inside your mind,
When it follows you to bed,
When it eats your insides
And it dwells in your heart,
When it’s so constant,
You don’t know end from start.
So, the two people,
The pen, and the blade
In each of their hearts
Pain was made.
Each with their weapon
Of choice in their hand
Each choosing Lines
To make people understand.

Nobody is You

Sometimes we feel
that we aren’t good enough
that were always at the bottom
and that we aren’t good at stuff.
But I’m here to say
that you’re perfectly you
and I’m proud that you’ve reached this point
and I’m proud that you grew.
Nobody knows your life,
Your struggles, your kin,
Nobody knows your pain,
No one’s been in your skin.
No one knows what you go through
Every single day.
No one stops to sincerely
Ask if you’re okay.
But you’ve gone through life
No matter how hard.
And you’ll be there till the end.
And you were there from the start.
And you’ll go through every trial
And come out the stronger man
And you rose from every obstacle
Screaming ‘Yes, I can’
And you’ll be there till the end
And you were there from the start.
And nobody can ever be you
And that is your art.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12


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