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He Took His Own: 3 Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee

He Took His Own

He thought about her eyes
And how they were perfectly blue
And how she had an accent
The quirk when she said ‘’you’’.
Well maybe not an accent
But it was different from his own.
And how when she started sentences
It was always in a higher tone.
How her hair was straight yet curly
And it was blonde yet brown
And how the fly aways took with the wind
And were always flying around.
How her feet were small and compact
And she just had a certain poise.
How she was innocent yet broken
And always chose the wrong boys.
How she made him think so
And he thought he was right
But clearly she had other ideas
And now he struggles to sleep at night.
Now he lies awake thinking that
Maybe she’ll come back
But time was running out for this
And its not the only thing he’d lack.
She was classy and friendly
All at the same time
And he felt inferior
Like his love was a crime.
Time went on as
She found someone new
But he kept falling for her
Through and through.
He became desperate
And had not outgrown
But she carried on with life
As he took his own.

He Wanted

He had thoughts that flowed
Through his mind like the Nile.
He had words that would go
Mile after mile.
He knew that she loved poetry
And he knew that she loved art.
He wanted her to love him too
But he wouldn’t know where to start.
He wanted her to love him,
Wanted her to be his fan,
Wanted her to be his girl,
wanted to hold her hand
and play with her hair
because she was flawless
and way beyond compare.
He couldn’t say a thing
And he was struck by fear
Because his words meant nothing
If someone else was whispering in her ear.

He Wondered

He wondered about other things
In the gaps of his mind
And any other thing
That he could find.
He wondered about the sky
And the falling of the rain
He wondered about the world
And why there was pain.
He wondered about the fish
And their swimming in the sea
And he wondered about
Himself to a degree.
He wondered about his life
And where he was on his way to
And why he wanted happiness
Through and through.
But the thing that was constant
And all that he could find
Was her smile and how it
Drifted through his mind.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12


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