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Five Sonnets ~ Uwais Coetzee

Sonnet V

She woke up one day
And she was all alone
Not physically in a way
But spiritually on her own.

Everyone had deserted her
And left her standing there
Like a social massacre
And no one seemed to care.

But everyone was waiting
For her to go off track
And then they’d return to stab her in the back.

She felt someone was waiting
As the rest carried on with their lives
And there he was, waiting, waiting, to remove the knives.

Sonnet VI

She bled out on the page,
While he bled in reality,
She acted out on stage,
And he indulged in profanity.

They were as contrasting as black and white,
But were both common in a way.
Both had feelings out of sight,
And were way too shy to say.

Both loved the other but would never
Say the word out loud,
Little did they know, both were too proud.

They continued living without ever knowing
Even the others name.
But little did they know that fate was a two-player game.

Sonnet VII

He wore lines
And she wore spots.
He admired the pines
While she took shots.

He was athletic
And she was not.
She was anything but generic
And he hurt a lot.

He knew she wasn’t his
And she knew it too
Because the first chance she got, she flew.

But they didn’t know a thing
And neither did the rest
Because birds always come back to the nest.

Sonnet VIII

All these quads and lines
And the inner workings of a tree.
But no one teaches us to pay fines
And no one says ‘be happy’.

We all learned how to read and write
And how to compose and how to add
But never why not to walk around at night
Or how to be a good mom or dad.

The school system is flawed,
They don’t teach us the right stuff
And slowly we find that life is tough.

We never learn how to live
Or even how to be strong
But all we need is math and science, am I wrong?

Sonnet IX

He wore his struggles like a coat
And ploughed through the icy snow.
He never found reason to gloat
And happiness was always slow.

He hibernated through the hardships
And waited for a better time
And bit through the frostbite
As he made the steady climb.

He struggled toward the summit
And managed to hold concentration
As he made it up the frozen nation.

He looked down
And didn’t know end from start
In these ice filled caverns of her heart.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12


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