A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Story of Our Lives ~ Pryaska Goorhoo

Dawn drowns the sorrows of the night.
The flamboyant colour frightens the demons away.
People awaken to fulfil their purposes on earth
The stars get put away and the moon gets taken down.
Blue skies mark the beginning of a new day.
The blue Celeste reminds us of the infinite possibilities we have.
Water sustains our body,
Heaven sustains our soul.
The mind is calmed until
It sees sketches of crimson on the horizon.
The scarlet sky announces the death of the day.
The blood pollutes the azure colour with its ominous shades.
It devours the sky, leaving it empty-
Vast nothingness which becomes
A playground for the demons of the unlit night.
People replay all their memories,
From the sanguine morning to the evening.
They retire,
Only to fight the fiend that night will bring.
People lie quietly with their eyes closed
For the streak of the persimmon colour
That will awaken them once again.

©  Pryaska Goorhoo

Matriculant 2017

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