A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sonnets ~ Uwais Coetzee

Sonnet 2

The enjoyment of this place
didn't compare to you.
But you lived at your own pace
and alone you grew.

Leaving me the single seed
in the forest, all alone.
I was enveloped by greed
and you became fully grown.

You left me to be the only stump
forced to listen to my heart's lonely thump
living in a world, being unappreciated

more and more, slowly being hated
for being me and feeling a certain way,
losing people I love every single day.

Sonnet 3

Trying to feel these things
to fit in with society.
Problems it brings
because I'm not normal, you see?

"The light in the dark
and the dark in the light
makes me want to embark
on a journey tonight"

To the lengths of the sky
he wanted to fly.
"But life is not eternal"

he said with a sigh.
Conveying his knowledge while on his deathbed.
"Live out my dreams" - the last thing he ever said.

Sonnet 4

Why I love you
is simple to me.
But my love which is true
is not normal, you see?

I love, from the bottom of my heart
and love comes from the depths of the soul.
Love, however, may not start.
But this love can be whole.

Although love is love,
love can be sore
and will hurt you right down to your core.

This is why I love,
it's the opposite, you see?
Not for love but for the pain you take away from me.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 12

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