A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Heartbreak, Heartache ~ Grade 8 Group Poem

That's what it felt like,
To be discriminated against.
And for what exactly?
For just being me.
So what I like the same sex.
So what I was attracted to you

Isn't happiness all that counts?
So why take my happiness away?
Take me away from you.
Why make me unhappy?
Discrimination shouldn't,
Taking you away from me.

Same sex.
Same love.
This should be okay to.
It's nothing new.
Think of the future,
In with new.
Out with discrimination,l
Take your opinions to.

I understand now,
Equality is key.
You are you,
And I am me.
I shouldn't think this way,
I guess it should be okay.
I'm done with discrimination,
I want equality to.

So why be reluctant to accept us?
If you can be,
Why can't we?

Jessica Gibbons 
Neha Singh 
Rachel Sinclair 
Sajna Ramdin
Jadida Kalim 
Abdur Asmal 
Nirvay Parthab

Grade 8

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