A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Childhood Memories ~ Kudisha Singh

Late at night when all is quiet,
I sit alone and think,
of days gone by, with such a quick blink.

My first day of school.
What an experience that was.

As I held my mother's hand,
And gazed up with a quick pause.

There were kids laughing, and playing all around,
I now longer felt the need to feel bound,
So I let go of my mother's hand,
and entered an amazing land.

So many years have gone by.
I've met new friends, and said goodbye to some,
with a sigh.

So many pressures of school,
So many voices demanding to be cool

I've said goodbye to Mr Gollywog,
The Tooth fairy and the Easter bunny
Thank you for your shoulder and laughing,
at my jokes even though they weren't funny.

I must pack you away now,
Maybe I will see you again,
With a heavy heart I give you away.
I hope to see you someday.

I will always be that little girl,
that had to have her say,
That threw you across the room when you wouldn't play,

That bandaged your foot,
When you fell off your seat.

That force fed you,
even when you didn't want to eat.

To me Mr Gollywog, you were my friend,
that never said a word, never
wanted me to be anything I am not.

You just smiled whenever I entered the room,
Even when all I did was gloom.

I may have changed in many ways,
I will always be your friend,
throughout my days.

©  Kudisha Singh

Grade 8

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